Patent & Pearlized + Crystal & Sheer









Patent is the newest in color and continues as a main stay for Spring/Summer accessories and RTW. Tissue weight patent is the newest news for RTW applications. Pearlized leather and metals are a softer, more contemporary expression of shine. Crystal takes its cue from opulent chandeliers. Tear drop to princess cut crystals become necklaces to bag closures…shoe studding to fabrics. Crystal embellishment is the new “necklace” for the handbag. For evening and day, sheer layers continue to create romantic to nomadic looks this season. Matte and shine sheers create subtle style head to toe.

Must Have Mixes from the Fashion Capitals: Paris, London, and Milan

Looking to personalize your look this season? Think about layering in unexpected ways. Add a contemporary flair to timeless classics by remixing and breaking old fashion rules. Consider combining…  















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 *Fashion Hint: When you mix mediums within a color family, the look is more sophisticated.



With Love from the Fashion Capitals: Paris, London, and Milan

I saw hearts and “love” as seasonal direction beyond Valentine’s Day…

 Merci Boutique; Gilli “Love” Handbags; Maison de Vacances Love Pillows; Laduree Macaroons


 Below are the links to some of my favorite heart merchandise this season:

Jonathan Adler Heart Keychain

Maison de Vacances Love Pillows

Lucky Jeans Heart Flats 

Urban Outfitters Heart Speakers


Euro Friends of Scout

Every year I make two trips to Europe to travel to the major fashion cities: Paris, London, and Milan in search of new inspiration for our bags as well as color and trend directions in the fashion world. This year I couldn’t help but notice the number of Dachshunds on the streets of Milan and in the windows of my favorite boutiques.












Below is the window of one of my favorite stores in Paris, Colette.

A Dachshund Gilli Handbag
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Hello Scout Bags

The Scout Bag was designed to fill a void in the tote market— offering style, function, and affordability in one bag with multi-uses. My husband Ben and I noticed a unique material being used by Chinese street vendors to store their goods, which remained relatively untapped in the design world.   I had come across it twice before, both times during the ‘80s in Soho, NYC—the shopping bag from Dianne B, which became my favorite tote for the summer and the other from a company called   Wolfman-Gold & Good, a high end home goods store in Soho. The bag was patterned in an exaggerated gray and white check and became the perfect schlep bag for travel.

Sketch of the Original Deano

Not long after, while working as a color and trend forecaster in New York, I traveled overseas for a color meeting with Interstoff Asia in Milan. I was on my way back to the hotel before getting on my flight to leave, and I walked by Helmut Lang and saw the plaid Chinese vendor bag in the window with a true leather bottom and a Helmut Lang insignia on the side. I was thrilled to find a bag at the upper end of the fashion market and bought it for $450. I called Ben with the news, and the Scout bag was born.

The First Original Deano

Having purchased these bags at the highest end of the market and at the very bottom end of the market, we knew there was a need for a middle ground  —  the same fabric was being used but in different styles and with different detailing.  In the states, consumers like to have proof that whatever they are buying into is going to be around for a while.  There are very few outliers in the fashion world outside of New York and L.A. so when trends appear on the street and in the designer shops at the same time, these looks are likely to meet in the middle and become directional and very commercial in the market.

The First Scout Patterns