Resurgence of Food Trucks and Pop up Food Stands

Carts, stands, and trucks fill the streets of NYC, D.C., Philly, Seattle, and even Leesburg, VA! While some are mobile, others morph out of restaurants. Some even have their own Twitter followings as they mobilize around the city. It’s a reflection of our on-the-run, on-the-fly lifestyles because many people do not sit down and eat a meal. It’s the new anti-fast food because it’s healthy, authentic, targeted cuisine that gives you a much more culinary experience than traditional fast food.  

Pictured to the left are the food carts and pop up foods stands I encountered on my most recent trip to NYC. 

Interestingly enough, New York has created islands in the middle of major streets with outdoor sitting. You can sit outside without buying food. These islands were designed to create communities outside the parks. You can go get your food at these outdoor/pop up food cart and then plop yourself right down!

 In D.C., track the Fojol Brothers truck @ In Philly, track the Hubub Coffee Truck @ In Seattle, you must see the Armadillo Barbeque, and if you ever make it to Leesburg, VA, make sure to eat at the Mighty Midget Kitchen.  







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