The Perfect Gift for Your Fashionista Friend


1. The Laundress Signature Detergent

2.Wooden Hangers

3.Scented Shelf and Drawer Liners

4. Black and Decker Dustbuster

5.Homescent Potpourri

The Be-Low-Me Underbed Storage is a seasonless gift. Gift it for your fashionista friend who’s changing over her closet, putting things in storage, and even fill it some other be-low-mes for extra storage space.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving



1. Party Balloons

2.Birthday Cake


4. Napkins

5. Cool Cups

The Bin There offers a contemporary spin on the “surprise package.” After the party is over, fill with bulky items such as linens and duvets, cleaning products, or even additional bins for easy move-in/move-out material.



Pool Party Hostess Gift

1. Volley Ball Net

2. Goggles and Flippers

3. Citronella Repellent Bracelet

4. Beach Ball

5. Pool Noodles

6. Basketball Hoop

7. Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock

8. Beach Towel

Use the Junque Trunk to store wet towels, sports equipment, blow-up toys, reading materials, snacks and drinks…for the beach or even in the back of the car. Hostess gifts can go in the Divide and Conquer when gifting!

Baby Shower Gifting


1. Dr. Brown’s Pacifier

2. Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

3. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

4. Petit Bateau Onesie

5.Baby Gap Polka Dot Bib

6. Peter Rabbit Organic Spring Garden Baby Therapy Cream and Conditioner

7. Cable Knit Blankies

After you’re done, the Shouldah Bin works great for toys, dirty laundry, and diapers.

At Home Spa Hostess Gift

1. Kiehl’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Scrub

3. Essie Nail Polish

4. Head Towel Wrap

5. Essie Toe Separators

The Couldah Bin works as a  great accessory in any bathroom, but here are some more ideas for re-purposing: take it to the grocery store for bottles; use it in your car as a mini trash can; or place by the bed for old magazines.


Inside Chelsea Market

The Chelsea Market is like an upscale food court: high quality, lots of variety , and easy access. Inside Chelsea Market you will find Fat Witch Brownies and Amy’s Bread. Amy’s Bread features a glassed-in bakery area where you can observe the baking of this artisanal bread.          


Dickson’s Farmstand Meats: eat in or takeout charcuterie for the meat centric and lovers of freshly sliced prosciuttos to salamis


The Green Table: of the moment eatery featuring sustainable food in a rough-hewn environment in the market.


Milk Bar: great place for dairy lovers. Carry out or eat-in your favorite milk products.

The Lobster Place: if you have a craving for fresh seafood, stop here.


Friedman’s Lunch: very fresh, boxed lunches with a twist. Eat in or takeout.

Greenwich Village Restaurants and More


Ray’s Pizza: is this the original? We don’t know, but Ray’s Pizza lives on, 35 years at  least.


French Roast Patisserie and Restaurant: featuring French Brasserie fare.


BLT Burger (Bistro Laurent Tourondel): burger joint to complement his steak outpost.


Citarella: outpost in East Hampton, competition to Dean and Deluca, upscale specialty food outpost.


Ricky’s:  a makeup and hair accessory haven. Used to be frequented by drag queens and professional make up artists. Now open to the public, irresistibly fun

Pizza, Pies, and Plants


Good Restaurant: opened in March 2000 and offers a contemporary, American menu.
The Original Sandwich Shoppe: cult spins on classic sandwich offerings.

Too Boots : an iconic pizza joint, great for the whole family.


Bee Desserts and Cafe: further down on Greenwich ave, eat in or takeout sweets.

Sweetiepie : is a confectionary delight, features an oversized birdcage with café table and chairs, which you can eat in. The sweets are irresistible.

Roasting Plant Coffee: neighborhood coffee roaster with a cult following.

Authentic Garb from the West Village


Bigelow Pharmacy (on Sixth Ave): Founded in 1838, it is the most amazing source for hard to find toiletries from around the world.


Canine Styles: The store is a very trendy dog experience. Here you will find the top quality dog accessories, ranging from carriers to coats and sweaters.


Mxyplyzyk:  Great attitude in the selection of home and giftwares.


Fire Store:  You can buy authentic fireman’s garb and other clever spinoffs at this New York City Fire Department shop.


Jonathan Adler: Designs needlepoint pillows to backgammon boards as well as kitsch ceramics.


Jessie James: Small clothing outpost with downtown attitude.

Alphabets: A rarefied slightly irreverent gift store, also has an outpost in the East Village.

Iconic Eateries in the Village

Corner Bistro: an absolute iconic eatery in the Village. You might risk a little tomaine, but you’ll get lots of downtown atmosphere.


The Magnolia Bakery: famous bakery in the city with some of the best cupcakes around.


Tea and Sympathy: ultra British, lunch and tea fare…also has a shop.


Cafe Cluny: a French restaurant with a beautiful interior.


Mappamondo: family owned Italian restaurant re-opening at its original location after 11 years; good food, good wine, good service.


A Salt and Battery: a fish and chips restaurant.