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NYC Destination Shops November 15, 2010

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Now that we’ve told you where to eat for Thanksgiving ideas, let’s give you a couple of days for rare shopping opportunities. Take along Scout bags for each city: perfect for packing and ideal for shopping favorites. We think these shops have great style, great merchandise, and are truly unique as destination shopping.

For the man in your life,  stop at Freeman’s Sporting Club (down near the Bowery), known for the Bespoke line and their private collection. If you get hungry, check out the bar in the alley.

For hostess gifts and hard-to-buy-for ladies, LAFCO has great toiletries toiletries, perfumes, soaps and also carries the exclusive Santa Maria Novella collection (run by an Abbey in Italy Florence).

For those who love quirky antiques and panoramic photos, Paula Rubenstein on Prince Street is a must stop.

Love the line of Calypso? Like to feel like you’ve never left the beach? Try the Calypso outlet.



Thanksgiving Dinner in Philadelphia November 12, 2010

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White Dog Cafe

Tavern 17



Thanksgiving Dinner in San Francisco November 11, 2010

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Thanksgiving Dinner in Atlanta November 10, 2010

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Glenn’s Kitchen

Craft Restaurant

103 West

Paces 88


Thanksgiving Restaurants in DC November 9, 2010

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1789 Restaurant

Bistro Bis

Art and Soul

Blue Duck Tavern


Thanksgiving Dinner in NYC November 8, 2010

Filed under: Local Flavor — Deb Johns @ 3:44 pm

Thinking about Getting Away for the Holidays? Who serves Thanksgiving Dinner? Stay tuned for this week’s posts on Thanksgiving dinner in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, and San Francisco..

Cornelia Street Cafe

Brasserie in 8 1/2



Gifts for a Man November 5, 2010

Filed under: Lifestyle — Deb Johns @ 2:22 pm

1. Sports Illustrated 1 Year Subscription $38.95

2. Fire Rescue Flashlight $85

3. Classic Swiss Army Knife $18

4. How To Fix Everything for Dummies $13.59

5. Man Pack Subscription of Undershirt, Underwear, and Socks $14-39

6. Bungalow Junque Trunk $40

7. Nacho Ingredients


Teacher Gift Ideas November 4, 2010

Filed under: Lifestyle — Deb Johns @ 12:38 pm

1. Stop Me Before I Volunteer Notecase $10

2. An Apple for the Teacher Apron $20

3. Russell and Hazel Gift Set $48

4. Scout Pocket Rocket $40

5. Harry and David Organic Apples $40

6. Colored Mechanical Pencils $15

7. Crystal Apple Paperweight $43


Animal Lover Gift Ideas November 3, 2010

Filed under: Lifestyle — Deb Johns @ 8:45 am

1. Luxury Nest Trundle Dog Bed $59

2. Dog Spa Gift Certificate

3. Kibble Nibble Dog Toy $10

4. Milk-Bone Dog Treats $5.99

5. Scout Shouldah Bin $35

6. Blue Bits Dog Treats $5.99

7. Extreme Treat Dog Ball Toy $16.75

8. Mayan Groove Dog Leash $34.75



Gift Ideas for the Young and Single November 2, 2010

Filed under: Lifestyle — Deb Johns @ 12:10 pm

Get organized ahead of the season with original gifts featuring Scout bags and bins. We are designing gift options that are affordable to luxurious…trend setting to basic with a twist.   Each day this week we will show you how to put together just the right gift bag or bin for anyone on your list this holiday season…STAY TUNED!

1. Hang-10 Desktop Organizer $20

2. Cup of Noodles $3.79

3. Chop Sticks $14.29

4. Dirty Sue Martini Mixer $30.55

5. 3 Piece Mini Cocktail Shaker $2.49

6. Natural Green Olives $7.99

7. Swank Martini Mixology Book $19.99

8. Holiday Moose Munch

9. Martini Glasses Set of 6 $18.99

10. File Folders $34.03

11. Takeout Menus from Local Restaurants FREE



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