The Wellness Basket: Whole Foods

From Whole Foods, we’ve selected a range of products for family members and friends who are always on the go. Keep them healthy this year with this carefully selected range of wellness products.

1. Fresh Ginger

2. Natural Honey

3. Emergen-C

4. Herbs

5. Ceramic Teapot

*With a bundle of fresh herbs and a small ceramic teapot: tell your friends they can brew their favorite herb blend as an infusion instead of  traditional tea, which contributes to wellness.

**I was riding on a plane to Europe years ago, and a woman next to me was voting for the Academy Awards. She told me when she starts to feel achy, she takes a head of ginger, cuts it, and sits it with it in a warm bath. If you’re in the neighborhood, try Baked and Wired’s Pumpkin Ginger Bread with sugar icing.

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