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Organizing Your 2010 Life to Prep for 2011 December 29, 2010

Filed under: Lifestyle — Deb Johns @ 9:17 am

The new year is a perfect time to get your home/away office organized. If you have the time and energy to do it yourself, great! …But if not, dont feel guilty about hiring a professional “organizer”!  We have learned that there are two ways people stay “organized”, with files or piles… Let’s face it, the more you are able to maintain your own style of organizing, the more successful the results will be!

 SCOUT has some “support” products to help you out in your newly fashioned office:
   1. Hang-10 Bins– perfect for organizing your files!
   2. Got Issues– fits your favorite magazine issues from the past year, like the September issues…  
   3. Shouldah Bins– great for almost tossing those old files from 2010!
   4. Junque Trunks– fits 4 of SCOUT’s Divide & Conquer inserts, to help you become an uber-organizer!  
   5. Trash Caches– perhaps the most important of all… fill it up and declutter your life!
 Other outlets for great office items:
   1. Russel and Hazel– notebooks and files in fab, fashionable colors/patterns
   2. Alice Supply Company– for desktop tool boxes to trendy dustpans/brushes
   3. Muji– for “minimalist” craft paper and clear plastic desktop items

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