New Year… New Menus!

Try new meal ideas in the new year to get out of your routine or food “rut”. We suggest theme weeks where you pick one country to cook from all week: Italy, Spain, Mexico, China and France are some of our favorites. Consult the Food Network website for terrific recipes covering everything under the sun. You can even decorate for a fun night of “around the world eating”; or, do a potluck “around the world” night… ask friends to bring dishes from different countries for an international tasting! Try new spices, new fresh fruits and vegetables that you have never cooked with before. Innovate and create new family favorites to expand your menu dossier!

Take along our BAGETTE  for your shopping excursions, it holds two grocery bags of food!
Fun foodie websites for internet shopping:
1. Zingermans– known for its breads, condiments and cured meats
2. Zabars– a New York landmark and excellent source for basic to unique ingredients
3. Dean & Deluca– great for staples to exotic spices
4. King Arthur Baking Company– for all of your baking needs

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