Making Cupid’s Job Easier: Prepping for Valentine’s Day

Sure, we know there are 3 more weeks before Valentine’s Day, but with everyone’s busy schedules, why not print out this week’s tips to save some time and energy once the week of approaches? (Cupid will thank you!) Today we’re loving Scout’s Mini Almighty in Graceline Stripe

Send the girls off to school with cards, stamps, and candy in this perfectly-sized tote! We like,, and for cute & clever notes; visit the USPS site for the ‘Love: King & Queen of Hearts’ stamps collection; check out for easy browsing of classic Valentine’s sweets.

For your gal pals, use the Mini Almighty to store small Valentine’s gifts! Tarina Tarantino’s lucite baubles and heart designs make up the totally appropriate gift that simply says, ‘Thinking of You!’



Mark your calendar…

Valentine’s day is 3 weeks from today!

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