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Don’t “Bag It”… BAGETTE It: Toting Chic Valentine’s Decorations January 27, 2011

Filed under: Lifestyle — Deb Johns @ 9:47 am

 If you love to gift and enjoy indulgences of the Valentine’s kind throughout the year (think chocolate, reds & pinks for the home), look no further than the following sites, then tote them to & from in Scout’s Bagette bag!

  • Visit Normanloveconfections.com for a wide array of scrumptious sweets designed by inventive chocolatier (and company namesake), Norman Love! We’re planning for his 25-piece Valentine’s Day Gift Box… don’t let the beauty of each chocolate keep you from gobbling up the whole box, Love’s flavor combinations are out of this world!

  • We love Fivestripes.com for its colorful assortment of ‘Ana Candles’, suitable for a variety of occasions… we prefer to incorporate different colors of these candles within their matching striped pattern!

  • Check out JohnDerian.com for the designer’s fantastic selection of decoupage… in particular, look for love-inspired trays and paperweights!


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