Easter Week, Day 1: Betty Draper & Yellow Inspiration

This week we’re featuring ‘Easter’ looks inspired by some of Hollywood’s leading ladies, those whose fashion ‘characters’ encourage some of our own stylistic tweeks and edits made in our day-to-day and day-to-night dressing.  


BETTY DRAPER-YELLOWS: nothing indicates ‘spring’ more than the sunny burst of yellow on women’s clothing, in particular, on Easter Sunday. For a church and brunch-appropriate look, try your dress, heels, gloves, and pill box hat in this color, a la Betty Draper in her eyelet dress, a classic structure and a texture that ‘dresses up’ yellow…





YOUR BASKET & EXTRAS: for the Easter basket in this scenario, we love the idea of accenting your yellow with Scout’s ‘French Twist Gold’ print, especially since the Goodie Bag fits the bill for carrying your Peeps, your Jordan Almonds, and any other Easter treats your kids pick up along their post-church hunt!

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