Easter Week, Day 2: Katy Perry & Purple Inspiration

INSPIRATION, PURPLE GOODS & A GOODIE BAG: with Scout’s Gift Bag in Petallica Remix as either your church & brunch bag, or as your Easter basket, pick up on more purple in your dress and jacket choices… a dress with a tea-length a-line skirt flatters every feminine figure, while a more fitted style complements and, in some cases, creates curves; the jacket is an easy piece to throw on if it’s cold or if you like to ‘cover stuff up’ for a church service…











POPS OF PURPLE: here are two fun shoes and two fun accessories to pair with your purple (or to pair with a simple white dress, if you’re not into purple-overload)… details such as the roses at left, a rounded toe below, and the decorative headband at right amp up the ‘femme fashion’ for Easter Sunday!



PURPLE GOODIES: when you’re home from church, brunch, and finally in some purple loungewear, start on your BIG Hershey’s Kiss, or put a dent in your Grape Crush Jelly Belly collection… or, if you’re into the more decorative elements of these purple pieces, toss them in a clear glass bowl for guests at your home in the coming week!

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