Weekend Trips with the Deano: Boston & Nantucket

BOSTON, STAY, EAT & SEE: stay at the Hotel Nine Zero for your hip city digs; dine at 29 Newbury, and don’t miss a long walk along Newbury Street, the be-all-to-end-all of shopping in Boston… tons of designer outposts pop up each season, so be sure to check out any new stores on this store runway!







NANTUCKET, STAY, EAT & SEE: stay at the White Elephant, a classically ‘Nantucket’ building set against a foreground of beach & boats; eat a casual breakfast feast at Black Eyed Susan’s; or, if you want to go ‘high-end’, make a reservation at 21 Federal; for another great ‘neighborhood’ experience like Black Eyed Susan’s, the nearby Sconset Cafe also fits the bill; be sure to stop into Vis-a-Vis to match your island style…








SHOPPING: trek down to the waterfront (with a guy in-tow, if you so choose), and you’ll both find something cool at Louis Boston, which features a wide variety of effortlessly chic clothing & accessories; visit Eye of the Needle on Nantucket and toss newfound items into your Deano in Pink Lady (hint: they’ll think you’re a ‘regular’!)

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