The Sophisticated Workout: City Gym Day

YOUR KEY STYLE PIECES: for the sophisticated workout we love a black and white color story with pops of purple… look to online sites City Sports and Paragon Sports for the best in workout gear! we like Adidas’ Elite V-Neck Tee made with ever-important sweat-wicking fabric; the 2XU Elite Compression Tight is perfect for high-impact sports and training because it’s designed to complement your muscles’ movements (and looks chic!); for shoes, as usual we look no further than Nike, and for this workout we’re loving their Free TR Women’s Fit Training Shoe; for toting a change of clothes or any of the goods below, Scout’s Stow N’ Go and / or the Duflex in Scout Signature is both stylish and functional, from the office or home to the gym.







YOUR KEY WORKOUT PIECES: for your actual workout (and not using the gym as your runway, though we wouldn’t blame you, chic thang!) look for easy to use and easy to carry pieces… Target sells Reebok’s Hand Weights, available in various poundage; the Go Fit yoga mat below left is great not only for yoga and pilates but especially as a convenient stretching mat pre or post-workout; in the realm of training, stability balls are one of the most efficient ways to engage your muscles, and we love SPRI’s 55cm one in light grey, a complementary color to the richer purples you’ll be exhibiting; finally, the Thera Foam Roll below will serve as another handy tool for stretching and for certain resistance training.

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