Moonrise Kingdom Inspires Retro Fashion: Scout Master Ward’s Style

Filmmaker Wes Anderson is back again this summer after a successful debut at Cannes of his new film Moonrise Kingdom. While the plots of his various films tend to include affecting yet charming stories, it is the style of the characters and sets that leaves us most mesmerized… and, rest assured, Moonrise Kingdom will deliver when we get to sit down for it in theatres after its wide release (the film is in limited release currently, in NYC and LA). Get a sneak peak at the style of several characters in this film as we lead you β€˜from the set to the street’ with unique suggestions for your wardrobe, inspired by Scout Master Ward (Ed Norton), the mother and wife Laura Bishop (Frances McDormand), the husband and father Walt Bishop (Bill Murray), and the daughter/star-crossed lover Suzy (Kara Heyward).


Who knew we would one day feel compelled to salute Boy Scout style? Well, that’s just the effect Wes Anderson’s creativity can have on a fashion-happy chick watching one of his films…

At right: a quintessential ‘scoutwear’ piece, Mulberry‘s Short Sleeve Jacket.

Clockwise from top left: (Ed Norton in Moonrise Kingdom); Mulberry Full Khaki Shirtdress; TopShop Khaki Sleeveless Denim Shirt; Burberry London Khaki Green Jersey Top; AWear Khaki Linen Belted Shorts; Charles Anastase Iris High Waist Skirt; Hunter Corwin Espresso Rubber Boots; Kate Spade Pink & Black Knee-High Socks; SCOUT Little Draw in Ombre Charles.

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