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Water Cooler Questionnaire: Our Intern Shira, the Urbanite July 23, 2012

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SCOUT fans and Yo Deb readers, all this week we’re bringing you more background on the Bungalow HQ staff… Read on for more!

-Favorite Scout bag and pattern?

Racey Lacey and Got Damask!- anything black! My favorite bag right now is the Weekender because it fits everything I could ever need for everyday life and traveling! Also- I am dying to get the Packin Heat in Def Leopard- so fierce!

-Favorite vacation spot for the summertime?

Old Silver Beach on Cape Cod- I love to go home to Massachusetts and hang out with my friends and family (and my puppy who I miss so much) at the beach.

-Best summer movie or concert you’ve seen this season?

I can’t remember the last movie I saw in theaters but I’m a huge sucker for tv and the best new show is by far GIRLS! I can’t wait for the new season to start up!

-Favorite hot weather activity?

Reading on the beach or by the pool for sure! I love to read and never have any time to do so during the school year.

-Are you into dresses? Skirts? Pants? Or Shorts? (Please choose one)

Dresses! They’re so easy and always look put together no matter how much (or little) you accesorize!

-Heels or flats?

Barefoot- I love to look at shoes but I hate wearing them. However, I can promise that you will never catch me without nail polish on my toes. EVER.

-Favorite place to shop?

I love TopShop and so do my sisters so we usually have some insider trading going on when we’re all together and, of course, MADEWELL (I’ve worked there since I was 18 and have accumulated so much of the brand).


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