Water Cooler Questionnaire: Our Intern Shira, the Urbanite

SCOUT fans and Yo Deb readers, all this week we’re bringing you more background on the Bungalow HQ staff… Read on for more!

Favorite Scout bag and pattern?

Racey Lacey and Got Damask!- anything black! My favorite bag right now is the Weekender because it fits everything I could ever need for everyday life and traveling! Also- I am dying to get the Packin Heat in Def Leopard- so fierce!

Favorite vacation spot for the summertime?

Old Silver Beach on Cape Cod- I love to go home to Massachusetts and hang out with my friends and family (and my puppy who I miss so much) at the beach.

Best summer movie or concert you’ve seen this season?

I can’t remember the last movie I saw in theaters but I’m a huge sucker for tv and the best new show is by far GIRLS! I can’t wait for the new season to start up!

Favorite hot weather activity?

Reading on the beach or by the pool for sure! I love to read and never have any time to do so during the school year.

Are you into dresses? Skirts? Pants? Or Shorts? (Please choose one)

Dresses! They’re so easy and always look put together no matter how much (or little) you accesorize!

Heels or flats?

Barefoot- I love to look at shoes but I hate wearing them. However, I can promise that you will never catch me without nail polish on my toes. EVER.

Favorite place to shop?

I love TopShop and so do my sisters so we usually have some insider trading going on when we’re all together and, of course, MADEWELL (I’ve worked there since I was 18 and have accumulated so much of the brand).

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