Water Cooler Questionnaire: Our Marketing Director Birch, Business- & Fashion-Savvy

SCOUT fans and Yo Deb readers, all this week we’re bringing you more background on the Bungalow HQ staff… Read on for more!

Favorite Scout bag and pattern?

Weekender in True Brit (I love the Navy Jones patterned liner).

Favorite vacation spot for the summertime?

My lake house on Crystal Lake in Frankfort, MI (super small town).

Best summer movie or concert you’ve seen this season?

I haven’t been to a concert and the only movie I’ve seen in the past couple months is Magic Mike with [fellow employees] Kate & Ebay (not sure what kind of message that sends…)

Favorite hot weather activity?

If I’m in DC, I like being in the A/C. If I’m at my lake house in MI, my favorite thing to do is waterski!

Are you into dresses? Skirts? Pants? Or Shorts? (Please choose one)


Heels or flats?

FLATS, hands down.

Favorite place to shop?

Other than my sister’s closet… I’ve been obsessed with everything at South Moon Under this summer.

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