Wednesday Obsessions: a Collaborative Effort

SCOUT fans and Yo Deb readers, all this week we’re bringing you more background on the Bungalow HQ staff… Read on for more!

Bungalow HQ, What’s on Your Radar this week?

-FROM BIRCH“I’m sorta dying to see that new movie Ted, I heard it’s hilarious (from everyone that’s seen it)… Also Drybar is coming to DC!”

-FROM ELIZABETH: “I’m heading to the Ingrid Michaelson and Rufus Wainwright concert Tuesday night the 24th.”

-FROM CARTER: “New sneakers!”

-FROM JORDAN: “Definitely the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale—such great deals on FW’12 collections!”

-FROM MARY JO: “I am on the lookout for white duds since I’ll be attending an all-white party next weekend, South Florida style!”

-FROM ALLIE: “I’ve been recently obsessed with Birchbox!”

-FROM KATE: “I have been dying to go see the new mini golf course set up inside the National Building Museum which was designed by some really great architects…”

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