Water Cooler Questionnaire: Our SCOUT Sport Rep Carter, the Jeans Junkie

SCOUT fans and Yo Deb readers, all this week we’re bringing you more background on the Bungalow HQ staff… Read on for more!

Favorite Scout bag and pattern?

The Weekender and the Crown Jewels – favorite pattern changes every day, right now I’d say #Tweed.

Favorite vacation spot for the summertime?

Anywhere warm, preferably no mosquitoes, with some kind of body of water, and things to do.

Best summer movie or concert you’ve seen this season?

I haven’t seen a movie in forever, but I really want to see The Amazing Spider-Man, Hunger Games, and Ted.

Favorite hot weather activity?

My brother-in-law just built this giant misting machine for my niece and nephew. It’s super cool, literally.

Are you into dresses? Skirts? Pants? Or Shorts? (Please choose one)

Jeans all the way. Dresses when it gets hot.

Heels or flats?


Favorite place to shop?

Zara, Gilt, and Target.

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