GIVEAWAY Wednesday, the Trash Cache: What’s in Your Cache?

Facebook fans and Yo Deb readers, post in the comments section to answer the following question to earn a FREE Trash Cache in your pick of Well Red or Got Damask (shown below):


We accept all kinds of responses! We’ll pick the most creative answer. Thanks for playing!

45 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY Wednesday, the Trash Cache: What’s in Your Cache?

  1. My recycled plastics and paper product! I have also used the trash cashe for storing sports items such as balls, gloves, tennis rackets, etc.

  2. My cache usually has whatever my kids throw in it. My rule is to keep things off the floor so toys, socks, sticks, and even snacks that aren’t finished sometimes end up where they aren’t supposed to be. I am always finding treasures:)

  3. Mine had laundry in it. That was, until my basset hound knocked it over, pawed all the clothes out and made it his personal nap-i-tirium. He looks so happy I can’t really move him (for now).

  4. The one in my kitchen has trash, the 2nd is in my sons bathroom for dirty laundry, the 3rd holds rolls of wrapping paper & my 4th has items to sell. The one I’d love to win here….and we’ll see.

  5. School supplies!!! I have been collecting supplies to fill my future classroom, and well I’ve filled a closet, a filing cabinet, and various boxes around my room. A new and adorable way to store supplies would be amazing :)

  6. I keep all my tampons and pads in one and stowed in the linen closet so if anyone ever opens it they won’t see it…..another is for all the random stuff that I can’t quite organize so it is a miscellaneous one.

  7. I like to keep my lingerie close at hand so when I sense hubby is in the mood I can quickly presto chango into something more revealing. :)

  8. I have 2 Flashback Paisley Trash Caches in my daughters’ room. They give a pop of color to the room and house all the stuff animals that used to spill over from their bunk beds onto the floor! They look really cute and hold a lot of toys!

  9. I don’t have one :( boo hiss! BUT if I did- I’d take this one for a giveaway and buy 3 more – then use two in our room for separating the laundry until I can put away and school uniforms from play clothes in my son’s room- WOOHOO!!! LOVE ME SOME SCOUT!!!

  10. A little cache story~
    Well, at the moment I’ve emptied my cache. It was full of a little of this and a little of that. Amazing how times flies when filling your cache but the best part is digging through finding things you’ve tucked away for another day.

  11. If I only had a cache, a cache, a cache,
    If I only had a cache, here’s what it would hold:
    umbrellas and rain boots,
    some sport stuff to shoot hoops,
    If I only had a cache, a cache to LOVE! :)

  12. Id use to put my Goodwill donations in! I find things all the time we don’t need and this would much Better then brown bags! When it’s full- ill take the contents to goodwill!

  13. We have one, but would love more! The one we have is in our daughter’s room, full of her cuddly animals. It’s amazing how many it can hold! The Scout Trash Cache is more than nice enough looking to use as part of her room decor.

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