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Best Tea in Town

Slide21. PG Tips Tea 2. Mariage Frères Tea 3. Kusmi Tea 4. Argo Tea–locations in major US cities

Press News: SCOUT Gift Bags at NOVA Fashion Week

We recently had the pleasure of acting as a bag sponsor for NOVA Fashion Week. Click into the photos and links here to learn more about NOVA Fashion Week as well as the wonderful charity it’s tied to, Blessed Haven.


Wednesday Obsessions: NYC Summer Roundup

Yo Deb readers, welcome to the ninth installment of our weekly newsflash for all things up-and-coming, ‘Wednesday Obsessions’. We are excited to bring you the latest info on people, places and things being discussed around the world and around the world wide web. Start following us to receive an email each week when a new W.O. post is published!


-If you have the dough to spend – and even if you don’t – enjoy a rich fashion experience at Five Story NY, a new multi-level store (it’s in an Upper East Side townhouse) that is both well-curated and filled with friendly sales associates, each of whom holds an impressive amount of fashion knowledge to answer questions about designers featured in and out of the store. Eloise may have had a room at the Plaza, but we’re clawing for a room at Five Story NY! Read a fantastic feature on the store here, courtesy of the NYTimes; and check back for a re-vamped web site here.

-If you associate summer with classic surfer motifs and beach sents, engage your summer senses with a visit to Warm Boutique in NoLita, which houses clothing designs from Tracy Feith, Swildens, and M. Patmos, to name a few… check out the Daily Candy’s feature here; check out the store’s web site here.

-La Sirena is a cool boutique down by the Bowery where you can find great Mexican Art and Day of the Dead collectibles… For those looking for a more ‘catered’ flea market experience, stop by this store on your next lazy Sunday. The store web site can be found here.


Georgetown Cupcake (for those who care) has opened an NYC outpost in uber-trendy SoHo.

-In actually fab eatery news, The Park in Chelsea is a perfect destination for attentive service, delicious and innovative cuisine, as well as a very hip interior with a ‘greenhouse’ style vibe. Visit The Park’s web site here, and see a solid review from NY Magazine here.

-Also in Chelsea, Cookshop is becoming better and better known as more people flock to its doors for the delicious, often locally-sourced food as well as the easygoing vibe in its kitchen. The cuisine is taken from Mediterranean and American concepts (a win-win as far as we’re concerned!); find directions & hours as well as a history of the restaurant here.

-Check out some of NYC’s best food trucks, as selected by NYC editors at Refinery29. Our favorites include Comme Ci Comme Ca for yummy Moroccan (and don’t miss the cous cous, so fluffy!); Frites n’ Meats, which gets meat and cheeses from well-known NYC restaurants; Milk Truck Grilled Cheese, which boasts the ‘perfect’ proportions of cheese to bread to condiments – and delish milkshakes; Taim has out of this world falafel, and is about to set up in a new downtown outpost – stay tuned!

-Without a doubt our newest food obsession is Tacombi, a Mexican taqueria ‘village’ of sorts – you’ll need to see it to believe it – SO cool! The NYTimes did a quick review from when it first opened a couple of years ago. Visit the main web site for the menu and locations here.

-LIVE LIFE ‘BY THE BEAN’: though coffee addicts can be pretty strictly ‘by the book’ in terms of what they like and who’s brewing it for them, but we recommend you check out the following NYC coffee shops for nifty vibes and, most importantly, coffee that gets the job done and leaves you (of course) wanting more…  Toby’s Estate comes to Williamsburg, Brooklyn originally from Australia, and thank goodness they decided on a US outpost! – with great coffee but also great instruction by the T.E. team for brewing your own, you may find it tough to class any other bean institution so high on your list; located in Midtown, Zibetto Expresso Bar has been hailed by NY Magazine as “pulling and serving the hands-down best espresso drinks we’ve had in recent memory” – see their full review here, and visit the main web site here; Magnolia Bakery’s Rockefeller Center outpost is conveniently located nearby Zibetto so you can have your (cup)cake and eat it, too!.

WE <3 NY:

-See war and pop influences in perfect competition with each other at MoMA’s James Rosenquist: F-111 exhibition.

-At the Met don’t miss Tomas Saraceno’s Cloud City – buy tickets and sip on strawberry lemonade as you view the city and sun ‘On the Roof’. Learn more about the exhibition and view installation photos here.

-We never miss the opportunity to sit and watch Shakespeare in the Park – to take in the energy of NYC and its fantastic base of actors (some in from LA for the summer, others off the set of Broadway plays), but this year is special, because the Delacorte Theatre is now home to these productions 50 summers running! Click here for upcoming performances.

Events: a Wrap-Up of the Recent Mother’s Day Shop at Powell Elementary

SCOUT fans, we wanted to share with you another local opportunity we were able to be a part of, the third annual Mother’s Day Shop at Powell Elementary School in downtown DC. On Friday May 11th over 300 students at the school got jewelry for the mom figures in their life and later gifted it in a SCOUT travel accessories case. This year’s event had the largest participation by students to date, so we’re thrilled to report that all of the boys and girls who came to browse and ‘buy’ gifts in anticipation of Mother’s Day went home with some fab donated jewelry and the additional present of a SCOUT bag.

We’re told that once they had made their purchases,

“they came down off the stage to the packaging tables where, to their surprise, they received the adorable Scout bags generously donated again this year by Deb and Ben Johns at Bungalow”.

The students were offering ideas for how their mom might use her new SCOUT bag,

“like for jewelry or makeup or car keys”.

(more below!)

                This year’s Mother’s Day Shop was another great success and one more reason why the Bungalow team loves helping out where we can in the DC community. The ‘grassroots’ level charities we have worked with and will continue to work with are perfect indicators of the ‘generous’ lifestyle we are always promoting. Our consumers and retailers no doubt have busy and fast-paced lives through which they carry their SCOUT bags and bins, so to own a bag that in turn helps one of our DC neighbors is a purchase of which the SCOUT fans can be very proud. Thanks for your continued support of our brand, which makes our support for these organizations possible!