Introduction to London

London is completely  irreverent…the Queen Flag, high tea, and kitsch city are mixed with tremendous tradition. London takes a risk with fashion. Youth is very powerful in London, pushing trend and music. It is a much faster city, controlled by chaos. My friends who live there will tell you that the infrastructure of London is completely crippled. London is now cross cultural—Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Brits, Americans, French, and Africans are forming a melting pot. Take their papers for instance, a bunch of tabloids… There is a feeling of challenging the establishment when you’re there, which is kind of exciting, but Iconic London—the tradition, tea, and royals comparatively feel cheaper now than they ever did.  Once a town where you could not get a good meal, and now you can get anything you want!


Where To Stay: The Number Sixteen Hotel is a chic boutique hotel, which is part of the Firmdale chain. The one and only American hotel, Crosby Street, recently opened in Manhattan and was just rated one of the top new hotels in the world by Travel and Leisure.


Where To Visit: The Brompton Design District  is a new area in London that features a variety of home stores, now clustered together,  with a real point of view. Walkable from Harrod’s or King’s Road. Trafalgar Square  is an iconic square in London with lots of shopping and site seeing around it.


What to Bring Back:My union jack treasures pictured above hail from Accessorize, a chain of well priced accessory shops in London.

Union Jack

The British invasion is alive and well on the fashion avenues of Europe. Vintage to contemporary versions of the Union Jack…adorned tee shirts and accessories to home furnishings…with actual flags hung in stores throughout the fashion capitals. Traditionally colored or re-colored in black and white to bright tones, this emblem of irreverence and tradition is perfect for the times.