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Posted on Jan 10, 2019 2:57:00 PM


Five dining dreams, fantasies, and resolutions for 2019:

1. Eat more cool stuff. Duh. We’ll help you get started with our juicy list of dining establishments in San Francisco, New York, and DC. Shout out to Tucker and Gibson Johns for the good looks in San Fran and NY

2. Actually enjoy delicious, savory, and nutritious (or innutritious) food, which leads me to #3...

3. No food guilt! You are golden, crispy, beautiful, and legally authorized, by me, to ball out and get some goodies every now and then. Moderation, my babies, moderation.

4. Get back to the basics, like, caveman-level/nomad basics. I’m thinking wood burning, raw fish, fresh fruit and veggies. It’s smoky flavor time, y’all. Giddy up. Yeehaw.

5. Trust your gut when ordering. Let’s stop this "ordering wrong," because we wavered on our one true, menu item love.


Maybe it’s Moana, or maybe it’s housemade SPAM. Regardless, traditional Hawaiian cuisine is on the rising tide, and it’s time we ride that wave. If you’re a fan of raw seafood, roasted pork, poi, or pineapples, then you’ve got to check out these hip, yet nostalgic, Pacific Polynesian joints on the East and West Coasts. Spears/barehands optional


LihoLiho Yacht Club | @liholihoyachtclub

Try these tiki drinks:

  • Coy Lily - Sparkling Wine, Passionfruit, Amaro Nonino
  • Surfer Rosa - Hibiscus Vida Mezcal, Punt e Mes, Benedictine, lemon, soda

Pregame your pork with these mainland goodies:

  • Popcorn, butter, togarashi
  • Fried oyster, beef carpaccio, 1000 island, butter lettuce (their incorporation of 1000 island dressing is making me swoon)

Ok, so this savory situation right here, I recommend you get after it:

  • Kimchi fried rice, smoked egg yolk, house-made spam, tamari, abalone mushrooms
  • Beef ribs, kimchi glaze, nitaka pear, miso butter brussels sprouts, pickled onion


  • Baked hawaii, caramelized pineapple ice cream, vanilla chiffon
  • Banana bavarian cream pie, pear brown butter, biscoff crumb, banana chip crunch


Noreetuh | @noreetuh

Crunchy and seafoody snacks:

  • Truffle taro chips
  • Mushroom tempura, sweet miso
  • Sashimi of hokkaido scallop, fiddlehead ferns, hon shimeji mushrooms, sichuan chili oil

Fry that chicken or do the noodle dance:

  • Chow noodles, spiced tofu, shiitake mushrooms, chinese broccoli, onions, jalapeño
  • Fried chicken, pickles, rolls, mac salad

Pineapples are for dessert, and I’m here for THEM:

  • Bruleed hawaiian pineapple, 'alaea salt, lime zest
  • King's hawaiian bread pudding, rum raisin, pineapple ice cream


Poke Papa | @pokepapabowls

No poke-y puppies with these simple and easy entrees:

  • Create your own
  • Ahi tuna marinated in hijiki seaweed, lotus root, ginger, sesame, scallion and onion
  • Ahi poke, lomi salmon, spicy tuna, and ceviche in the same bowl


Ramen, sushi, sashimi, pickled vegetables, basically all things fresh, heavenly, and comforting, make up the classic, Japanese menu. In 2019, we all need to be eating more Japanese food. I would say at least two servings of a Japanese situation a week. Miso soup is a cure all for every ailment. Stomach ache? Miso soup. Backache? Miso soup. Heartache? Fire up a caldron of miso soup and put on a Tom Hanks movie, because You’ve Got M-iso Soup. Also, miso as a general ingredient is, like, a pretty big thing now. No, seriously, it is. Restaurants and culinary publications are super hot for miso’s flavor, and I ain’t gonna lie, it’s pretty delectable and wacky. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re serving some sort of miso cocktail these days. People need to start doing less, except for things concerning miso. Should I say "miso" one more time? Miso is the new black.


Izakaya Rintaro | @mr_rintaro


  • Maguro No Sashimi, wild bigeye tuna sashimi with Half Moon Bay wasabi

Get that miso good-good:

  • Miso Katsu, ten-layer Becker Lane pork katsu with Black Hatcho miso sauce, fresh Acme panko, snowy cabbage and hot mustard

Gyoza hard or gyoza home:

  • Gyoza, Becker Lane Berkshire pork gyoza with chicken foot jelly and "wings"

Read these ingredients without passing out:

  • Maguro No Yukke, garlicky soy-marinated chopped bigeye tuna over hot rice with a raw egg yolk, ume sesame, nori and scallion


Bessou | @bessounyc

New York Times suggests starting with:

  • Shiso Cigars, rolled with Sendai miso, roasted peanuts, walnuts

If you eat this stew, you’ll probably live to be 270 years old:

  • Seafood Spicy Miso Stew, cod, shrimp, clams, and octopus in a spicy miso broth
  • Chicken Karaage, Japanese-style fried chicken with Moroccan spices, cucumber salad, shiso tzatziki

You simply can’t go wrong—YOU JUST CAN’T:

  • Ice Cream


Himitsu | @himitsudc

Hi(t)mi-tsu, bartender:

  • Egyptian Cotton, amaro montenegro, fernet, lime, ginger-ximenez
  • Finding Nori, toasted nori seaweed, rum, lime, manzanilla sherry
  • Barmini Dayz, Reposado tequila, aperol, pineapple, lime

I don’t mean to be crudo:

  • Hamachi Crudo, Japanese yellowtail, orange segments, fish sauce vinaigrette and yuzu-

We want the BEEF:

  • Beef Soboro, simmer beef, ginger scallion noodles, fried egg, pickled onions

Veggie + edgie + slow roasty:

  • Squash, slow roasted butternut squash, nduja cream, fried sage, shallots, garlic, herb oil


  • Peking Duck, duck breast, buttermilk biscuits, pickled red onions, cured cucumbers, himitsu hoisin


Nordic cuisine consists heavily of husmanskost or "farmer’s fare." Root veggies, berries, seafood, poultry, pork, and beef join together for what I consider to be a 24/7 breakfast scenario on steroids, and I LOVE it. The Scandinavians know how to cure, smoke, toil, and harvest, y’all. They are all about working with what’s growing in the garden, and up and coming Nordic restaurants all over are working wonders with these magical, Norse elements of style.


Kantine | @kantinesf

For the Hansel and Gretsel diet:

  • Cinnamon Knot
  • Sourdough Roll, apple-smoked ham and cheese
  • Open-faced Fried Pickled Herring Sandwich, red onion and dill
  • Savory Porridge, kale, mushrooms and housemade farmers cheese
  • Swedish rye crispbread, runny organic egg, creamy spinach, house-cured salmon, shaved fennel, havarti


Great Northern Food | @greatnorthernfood

These feel very Chef’s Table Season 1 Episode 6:

  • Forono beets, goat cheese, blueberry, hibiscus
  • Roast Beef Smørrebrød, pickled onion, horseradish remoulade
  • Roasted Pork & Red Cabbage Sandwich, raw apple, pickled cucumber, parsley, pork cracklings, mustard mayonnaise


Mikko | @chefmikko


  • Cinnamon Nordic Toast, Fresh Berries, Vanilla Cream, Maple Syrup


  • Herring, Egg, Greens, Mustard, Dill


  • Nordic Rye Crisps OR ANY OF the Daily Baked Breads

I think there are some helpful takeaways from this lengthy, yet fascinating rendition of assorted seafood, noodles, eggs, and breads. So, let’s get over 2018, go forth into the bright 2019 horizon, and nosh like nobody’s watching! Yee (and I cannot stress this enough) HAW!


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