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Posted on Mar 15, 2019 12:18:20 PM



It’s safe to say that most of our current winter wardrobes can best be described as “ashen,” and the need for a splash of color is beginning to feel pretty necessary, if not a dire fashion emergency. Our meteorologists at HQ will have you know that despite these cold and cloudy weather conditions, there are Signs of Hope. It may be the third week of February, but at SCOUT, Spring/Summer 2019 is in full and vibrant swing thanks to our newest colorblocked friends.


Our Chief Creative Officer, Deborah Waterman Johns, knows that the best colorblocking is done with hot or cool colors in the same material. The blocking can also be done with different colorways of a single pattern featured together on an item or ensemble (take a peek at the gingham shirtdress below for an example).

 From the runway to interior design, colorblocking packs a bright and modern punch and can be complemented with black or white accents for a more blocked, Mondrian look. With the revival of ‘60s and ‘70s fashion, mod, boho, and pattern, colorblocking has become increasingly popular and accessible.


This white and yellow maxi from Anthropologie is like a happy glass of lemonade and perfect for keeping things breezy, easy, and bright on a warm day.


Pink and red is the answer forever. It’s romantic. It’s sweet. It’s femme. It’s warm. It’s on the up and up, and this one-piece swimsuit from Anthropologie is helping it stay there.


This gingham piqué cotton shirtdress from Thom Browne is serving up all the charming picnic vibes and is the perfect example of a little different-color-same-pattern colorblocking. Potato salad, anyone?


Here, we have a groovy, jewel-toned, pleated colorblock dress from Anthropologie. If you’re interested in blocking multiple tones with the same fabric, this number is just the ticket you need to succeed.



Smaller pieces like this kelly colourblock totet (never get lost in a crowd!) from Hermès Vintage and colourblock camera bag from Michael Kors make great additions to any subdued or loud look, respectively.


These two-tone patent pumps by Roger Vivier are precious, blocked Easter eggs and the perfect pop of feminine energy for any cloudy (or sunny) day.


There’s nothing dreamier than this blue colorblocked cashmere travel set from Lisa Perry. This is truly where fashion meets function.


The only trouble with all of these wonderful colorblocked treasures collected by Deb is wanting to buy all of them—which is totally fine, but a little wild for a Thursday. An ideal and guilt-free alternative would be to grab some happy colorblocks of your own in the form of our newest Warm Combo and Cool Combo patterns, available in the Kelly Wristlet or any of our other beautifully blocked accessories. So, put a little spring, a little zing, a little color-wham in your step with some SCOUT, y’all. It may just bring on spring faster.


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