Behind the Design: Floral of the Story

Posted on Mar 21, 2019 11:39:41 AM

This spring, greenery is giving us life at SCOUT HQ and beyond! Our Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Deb, wanted to soften the hardened edges of our go-go-go metropolitan lives with some organic and romantic motifs for spring and summer alike. Bright and rejuvenating leafy greens are popping up on all the runways—and on our products too. We can’t get enough of these colorful and natural vibes after all that winter we’ve suffered through.


We know what you Devil Wears Prada fans are thinking right about now: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking...” But, in all seriousness, our white-on-color takes on plants, flowers, and herbs felt so necessary in that they bring new life to our bags, accessories, and coolers. These patterns are artfully etched impressions of natural elements on functional, all-weather woven products that make daily life easier and a little more festive.


This isn’t the rose and violet medley that lovingly graced your Aunt Karen’s sunroom sofa through the better half of the ‘90s. Nope. These patterns are streamlined, monochromatic, delicate, and refreshingly versatile all at once. Not to toot our own spring horn or anything, but we designed some serious(ly cute) flora and fauna for this season.



Cacti are covering sweatshirts, daisies are gracefully dotting button-downs, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to spot a hydrangea jean strutting through Georgetown. Heck, garden walls have started covering office entryways—an attempt to bring the beautiful outdoors in through all means possible. All of these wonderful new takes on nature have begged Deb to wonder why there aren’t succulents at every airplane seat.


Flowers are a proven cure for every person, place, and thing! Don’t believe us? Go watch the critically acclaimed treasure that is The Secret Garden. Or, even better, try a Tiny Package in Wisteria Lane and a Petit Bagette in Floral of the Story from our Spring 2019 Collection. (We’ve got plenty of other goodies in the collection for you to sow your happy oats with too.) Happy spring, y’all!



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