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Posted on Jun 17, 2019 4:46:18 PM


Start spreading the news... The SCOUT marketing and photography team just returned from the concrete jungle where dreams are made of: New York! In classic SCOUT fashion, we took a feverish jaunt on the AMTRAK up to the Big Apple to shoot our Holiday 2019 line. There’s something about that crazy city that makes for a glorious backdrop to SCOUT product. Also, did you know if you start Frank-Sinatra-style belting “New York, New York!” while chorus-line-kicking down a random flight of stairs, at least 10 people will join in? Yeah, we freaking love New York.





For a slight change of pace, our gang stayed at the James New York NoMad, a HotelTonight hotspot. And we absolutely loved it—though we would like to note that we were only a block away from our dearly beloved, Ace Hotel. The rooms at the James are like a little modern sanctuary with chic artwork and beds so white and plush they’ll make you want to kick off your sweat and tears soaked Nike Frees and execute an Olympic-level swan dive. And while we’re at it, another hip hotel that caught our eye is Sister City—created by the same studio that made Ace Hotel (no surprise why it spoke to us, huh?) Warm, efficient, and “distilled to its most beautiful parts,” Sister City is definitely worth a look-see if not a sleep-try.


Speaking of hotels and overnight stays in general, check out this little cutie, the Hidden Gem in our Black Velvet. Now you FINALLY have a place to stow all those diamonds you’ve been dying to travel with.



One of our favorite things to shoot are glamorous feet + bags. You get Kate Kegan’s toned, tan ankle housed in a pair of Deb’s Roger Viviers set against a hot pink or gold pattern and—WHAMO!—that’s cinematic magic, folks. Our Marketing Manager, Sarah Ortman, and Media Manager, Megan Principe, have been working with Deb on these shoots for years. So, they’re experts at finding that juicy money shot, even in the least glamorous of settings, like a poorly lit bodega in Brooklyn (just kidding). Julian Mitchell, our hip and talented photographer, will click, click, click away to our heart’s content.


Our team spent the first day walking down through Chinatown and back up through Soho. You can only imagine how hot and sticky and street smelly this trek was, but the divas persevered, nonetheless. Also, fun fact: We bring all of our new season product to shoot, so no precious bag or accessory goes un-shot. Luckily, we can pack most of our product within itself. But, don’t let the convenience fool you. It’s still a pretty mighty (and colorful) haul through Manhattan.




OK, so, we need to sit down, shush up, and pay respect to everything that is Ashley Longshore at Bergdorf Goodman. Before you do anything else today—like pour a fat cup of coffee or walk your needy corgi or meet with your accountant—you must first google and/or add this amazing artist on Instagram. Ashley is a New Orleans-based painter, gallery owner, and entrepreneur whose work is inspired by pop-culture, American consumerism, and Hollywood glamour. She’s like a fabulous, feminist, Louisiana version of Andy Warhol. Her work ethic and approach to getting down with your bad self and living your truth and celebrating everything is something to truly be admired. Go to Bergdorf’s, grab a cocktail, and just soak it in, ladies. We’re also trying to arrange a playdate for Deb and Ashley, since they are both glorious rainbows of humans. Mark our words, they will meet some day.


When with Deb Waterman Johns on location in NYC, you’re guaranteed to walk a million blocks and eat a lot of (delicious) food. Naturally, our team Ubered to Brooklyn for some shots by the Bridge (chic and a dream afternoon). Afterwards, when they were finished being cool girls with their Small Package in King of the Tassel, Kelly Wristlet In Quilted Gold, and Original Deano in Cruz Checkham, they grabbed dinner at DUMBO House, “a member’s club for Brooklyn’s creative community.” This swanky little venue, where Beyoncé dined only a week prior, has a club space, garden terrace, rooftop pool, and views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. Send in your membership applications soon, friends. We want that summertime, rooftop pool access.


Al Pastor, Barbacoa, Avocado Tostada... As the mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri, would say, Tacombi is “ tasty.” This Mexican joint is everything you want in a Mexican joint—bright, colorful, clean, authentic, fresh, and delicious. They also serve amazing horchata, which at first, could make you nervous, but which soon, you’d be absolutely craving after a hot afternoon of walking and posing and being generally fabulous with all your new SCOUT bags. Anywhosel, our team headed to the OG Tacombi on Elizabeth Street where the restaurant originally rose to fame and glory “despite having a liquor license.” From fresh pastries to made-to-order Mexican juices to authentic tacos, Tacombi is truly a neighborhood gem.




Our Designer, Erin Fox, SHINED for this shoot. Erin has modeled for SCOUT before, but this was her first destination photoshoot, and she absolutely killed it. We love a good glow up at SCOUT, and our model employees truly lit up the Big Apple for our Holiday 2019 content. Paul from FAO Schwartz was an angel too, happily performing some light modeling for us with the Small Package in Feliz Navidog. Thank you, Paul!

We hope our quick-turn New York jaunt inspires you to treat yourself to a little vacay of your own or to at least try out a yummy new taco joint, a new summer art exhibition, or whatever colorful adventure you fancy. We’re also pretty excited to give you a tiny taste of what’s coming for the holidays with SCOUT. It is NEVER too early to start thinking about the holidays.


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