Behind the Design: Dot Pérignon

Posted on Jun 1, 2018 3:59:36 PM

We’re flying first class

(Up in the sky)

Popping champagne

(Living my life)

In the fast lane

(And I won't change)

—Fergie, SCOUT Bags enthusiast & former member of the Black Eyed Peas

If there's one thing we love at SCOUT, it's a reason to celebrate (if you follow @scoutbags, we apologize for the overwhelming footage of Safeway sheet cake). We love a good milestone and any excuse to praise each other like we should. So, in the spirit of this milestone-heavy SZN, we're toasting our favorite celebratory pattern: Dot Pérignon. It's about to get real, so prepare for champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Because y'all deserve nothing but all the finer things.

When designing this pattern, Deb drew inspiration from classic dots and modified them with her own, Lil' Debbie spin. She went with a repetitive, variegated dot in metallic gold and silver to the effect of champagne bubbles, or a strand of pearls, or beads. The white background is chic, refined, and allows the dots to truly pop as they should. Naturally, the name “Dot Pérignon” couldn’t have been more fitting.

This seasonless, milestone-driven pattern is, essentially, perfect.
Here are 10 reasons why:
1. It’s elegant. Please be upstanding for Her Majesty the Queen.
2. It’s stylized. Hey there, style child.
3. It’s refined but, also, whimsical. It is the Meryl Streep of patterns.
4. It’s simple and chic. It’s the Little Black Dress of prints.
5. Matte finish on metallic silver and gold is the ultimate luxe. Look, how glamorous you are with your burnished metallic. You must be famous.
6. "Dot Pérignon" is such a cute and clever name. What cute, clever, female geniuses came up with that one? Dom Perignon should totally send them complimentary cases of champagne.

7. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you’ve got to do is call. ‘Cause this pattern will be there. It transcends seasons, occasions, space, and time.
8. Deb specifically curated the pattern for the purpose of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much any happy occasion you can think of. Look at the pattern, think of the good times, and let the magical effect wash over you. That’s a sweet slice of nostalgia pie.

9. It reminds you of champagne. Perhaps, you decide to have a glass of champagne. You get fancy with it. Throw some berries or OJ in there! Break out that dark, dark, dark cacao chocolate. Drink the glass of champagne. The bubbles invigorate your spirit. You play your favorite song and dance like nobody’s watching. Proceed to feel delightful.
10. Maybe you’re on team “string of pearls.” That’s great, too. Pearls are found in oysters. Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience and the purity, generosity, loyalty, and integrity of its wearer. Pearls also have a calming effect, can balance karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. Pearls are incredible, just like you!

In all seriousness, this pattern is delightful and appropriate for any occasion. I am big on gifting, especially when celebrating a dear friend. If I could, I would rent out Tiffany's and invite all my people to pick out 3 of their favorite pieces. Alas, I am 26 with no money or dowry, so I must gift on a budget. It's OK, though! Our gift bags and accessories are the loveliest, most tasteful, appropriate, and cost-efficient vehicles for the friendship bracelets, homemade cookies, and burned CDs, I keep on deck for special occasions (kidding...sort of). If I've managed to sell you with that last tidbit, follow the link below. We'd be honored to help celebrate your next milestone.

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