Behind the Design: Leopard

Posted on Dec 5, 2018 12:46:09 PM

Hi kitties, I have something to say about leopard. Point blank: it is the "power print." When you wear a leopard jacket, shoe, dress, heck, even a purse, you essentially become a brooding, powerful leopard slinking around the savannah stalking your prey (or grocery shopping). There are literally no rules to rocking leopard, only possibilities. This said you should wear it all season long, and Deb’s going tell you exactly how to do so. Kitty cat MEOW.

First things first, can we purrr about our prettykitty models, Mary Jo Slidell and Carson Whitesides? They are our very own in-house leopard Financial Analyst and Key Account and Destination Store Coordinator. They are also two of my favorite kitties and look absolutely ravishing in Deborah Waterkitty Johns wares.

Why We Love Leopard - A List:

It’s collectible—So collectible that Deb’s collection of leopard pieces accumulated over 30 years.

You can (and should) wear it all the time—Wear head-to-toe leopard for high impact or a little for a dash of punctuation with your neutral ensembles.

You can mix it, n’ mix it, n’ mix it, n’ mix it—Always consider mixing leopard patterns in your ensembles and interior decor.

It’s seductive yet approachable—Leopard has the ability to be sophisticated, playful, monochromatic, and dynamic all at once. I should put that on my resume, right?

It never goes out of season—Like camo, you either love it or you don’t, so if you’re a lover, rock it 24/7 365 days a year, babyyy!

It’s "high/low" fashun, henny—Joe Fresh, Zara, Forever 21, to Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Carven, Paul Smith, it traverses price point boundaries.

It’s versatile as heck—whether it’s a fake fur or printed on velvet, chiffon, stretch denim, sweater knits, quilted nylon, leather or suede, leopard will deliver in any and all forms of fabric.

It’s perfect for day to dang night!—from casual to dressed up or more youthful to seasoned, you can wear it breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

It is for ALL—Be you chic or trendy, mature or young. Leopard is for all women who value style!

It can outfit wardrobe AND home—We’re talking throw pillows, china, carpets, upholstery, to shoes, boots, sweaters, coats, jackets, skirts and tops—you name it. It all works.

Funny thing is, we have a whole batch of leopard print bags at SCOUT. So, if you’re hot for our leopard flavor, or any of the non-SCOUT leopard flavors, check out the links below. And, remember, you are absolutely purrrfect, and we love you.

SCOUT Leopard | Libertine Leopard-Print Velvet Trenchcoat | Dolce & Gabbana Leopard-Print Halter One-Piece Swimsuit | J. Crew Martie Slim Crop Pant | Gianvito Rossi 105 Leopard-Print Calf Hair Pumps | H&M Pleated Dress | Ralph Lauren Recelle Leopard Calf Boot | Free People Kate Leopard Coat

Meowmeow meowmeow (that’s "xoxo" for any non leopard linguists).

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