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Posted on Oct 4, 2018 4:23:35 PM


I would be remiss to choose one, specific theme to elaborate on everything that’s happening in fashion for 2018/2019. Yikes, that reads like the thesis for a term paper on the selected works of William Faulkner due Monday morning at nine, but you conveniently waited to start it on Sunday at 6 PM. But, seriously, you can’t put the overarching theme of the upcoming season in a box, folks, so try to keep an open mind and closet. There’s going to be comebacks from a couple different eras, like the’60s,’80’s,’90s, and maybe even, like, the Gold Rush (I’ve seen some western wares that make me want to yell, “Yee-freakin-HAW!”).

Regardless of historical technicalities, Deb’s hard-hitting research from the peak-fashion season in Paris, Milan, and London shines a realistic and attainable light on Europe’s breakout forces for Fall/Winter 2018. So, hush now, sweet child. Because, you, too, can make it fashion, fren!

For everyone who loves the Olivia Pope, strictly white and cream wardrobe, we have wonderful news: keep doing what you’re doing, because white and cream are here to stay for year-round, seasonless dressing. Somewhere on a beach, Megan Principe, our Media Manager, is doing hurkeys of joy, as she is one of these Pope-ian dressers. I’m dying to jump on this train, if I can just get a handle on my issues with spilling every food and liquid my bumbling hand's touch, because, you know, white.

When you rock a white and beige uniform, you may as well be a creamy, stylish chameleon (which is a wonderful creature to be). Add texture to your neutral composition by weaving in different fabrics and palettes. You could be dropped in any terrarium and blend right in. Neutrals are effortlessly chic and great for bypassing international fashion borders. Note: white bags are one of the more important accessories being featured in this season’s top lines.

Prints will always be relevant. Period. Forever. End of story. For this season, specifically, we're getting heavy overtones of suit jacket patterning like glen plaids, houndstooth, tartan, and tweed. Oversized suitcoats and blazers are ready to rock your fall wardrobe in a practical, edgy, and sophisticated way. It's going to get chilly at some point (we pray in the leaf-lined hot tub that is DC), so why not hit the local Zara or H&M where racks will be filled with these pieces at a comforting, normal-person price.

These coats are a great way to round out any jeans and t-shirt installation, worn tied at the waist with an unremarkable but necessary work dress, and, dare I say it, a bike shorts power play. Attempt these looks as if you're Cher Horowitz from Clueless doing a collaboration with Jackie O, Annie Hall, and Scottish Highlanders. Does that help? No? I'll workshop that one. Until then I'd recommend The Cut's helpful gallery of street style from Paris Fashion Week.

The 80’s are so back. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s going to be OK. Heck, it’s going to be more than OK, because this throwback is turning out to be more of a pleasant revamp of the most popular (and least cringe-y) looks. Deb assures that "Mint, seafoam, aqua, and turquoise color palettes cool down the yellow electricity and have this magical effect of being both soothing and commercial. Additionally, yellow is the accent de jour for fashionable and functional items, like these cowboy booties."

Designers are gently lulling us into their oversized coats, jewel tones, pumps, circular purses, bright chunky sweaters, and sportswear. I love it all and want MORE, MORE, MORE! I’ve been scouring the web for a freesia Members Only jacket all afternoon. I’m ready to audition for a supporting actress role in any John Hughes remake that will cast me. Let me at ‘em.

I’m going to be supes vulnerable and tell y’all that I am totally and undeniably hot for these citrus flavors. Think about it. Fact: pantsuits on women will always be awesome because pantsuits are a power move. Put on a pantsuit, and even if it’s in some aggro color, like granny smith apple or key lime, you’ll feel like kicking down the door to your next job interview, slamming that 5-star resume on the table, and sealing your entrance with a VS Fashion Show end-of-catwalk, hands on hips power pose.

Patchworks combining patterns across colorways with like motifs is a popular theme this season. Every corner I turned was something quilted, stitched, embroidered, or fringed, both on the streets and in the shops.

Now, if I were writing a thesis on Deb’s fashion forecast, my springboard for the reader to think further would be Deb’s belief that there’s something very potent about choices we have right now. We’re going through a cycle of re-living some of the best styles from some of the most impactful eras. I’d say fashion’s on the right side of history right now, so get on board while it’s golden.

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