Gifting Horoscopes (Pt. 1)

Posted on Nov 8, 2018 5:03:12 PM

November Gifting Horoscopes

Hello, holidays, horoscopes, and an array of beautiful excuses to TREAT YOURSELVES. We’re embracing a big, beautiful transition to Scorpio new moon on November 8th by kicking off the spirited season with horoscopes and—duh duh duh!—presents, presents, and more presents. While I’ve been scouring Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, Deb has been meditating, sage-ing, and shopping for coordinating holiday gifts to leave you absolutely starry-eyed and surprised. Come, my lunar cuties, it’s time to unwrap your star-girl energies…

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Sign: Scorpion
Characteristics: Seductive, passionate, independent, stubborn, a true friend
Happy belated/early birthday to my seductive, little scorpions! Also, as of today, November 7th, you’re essentially celebrating your very own cosmic New Year with the first and only Scorpio new moon of 2018. You’ve been cultivating the best version of yourself over the past 13 months, and now you’re shedding your fierce 2018 exoskeleton and revealing your glorious revamp. With this personal, celestial New Year, your birthday, and the holidays coming up, Deb’s handpicked some venomous and fierce treasures just for you.

Scorpio Gifting Horoscope
SCOUT: 1. Original Deano in Yelling Timber

Farfetch: 2. Moncler Logo Patch Beanie | 3. Urbancode Furry Gloves | 4. Kate Spade Carryover Sunglasses | 5. Barbour Fur Earplugs | 6. FENDI Cashmere Embroidered Fringed Scarf | 7. GUCCI Flashtrek High-top Sneaker with Wool

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Sign: The Archer
Characteristics: Extroverted, optimistic, generous, funny
Archers, prepare to raise those bows and draw your quivers, because you’ve got a birthday and peek holiday happenings fast approaching (as of November 8th, your ruling planet, Jupiter, will start it’s 13 month visit to Sagittarius!). Much like your friend Scorpion biddies, you’ve had your sites set on self improvement and a radiant, new beginning. You’ve been wrapping up old projects and gearing up for the new, which can feel both energizing and exhausting all at once. Fret not, little archers, you rarely miss your mark with your golden attitude and shimmering spirit. You’ll be right on target and ready to focus, aim, and fire with the gilded gifts Deb selected.

Sagitarrius Gifting Horoscope
SCOUT: 1. Spirit Liftah in 24K Magic

ZARA: Squared Broche-Style Earrings | 2. Faux Pearl & Coin Necklace | 3. Beanie with Text | 4. Metal Cateye Sunglasses | 5. Leather Ankle Boots with See-Through Heels | 6. Chain Printed Scarf

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Sign: Goat
Characteristics: Independent, tenacious, youthful, playful
My fellow goats! After a wild decade+ ride, it’s time for us to let it GO, let it go(at) and navigate our new 13 month long transition. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, and we’re feeling good—albeit, exhausted, but GOOD. With Jupiter moving into our 12th house, on November 8th, it’s high time for us to evaluate all we’ve been creating and working towards for the past 12 years (daunting, I know) and refocus on how we’d like to begin our true, new chapter. Jupiter is the planet of fortune, growth, and luck, so we’ll have a little help galloping more boldly into our brave, bright future. We’re getting our stride this season, and we won’t (bahhh)ck down. With Jupiter’s fortune in mind, a playful sense of adventure in our hooves, and Deb’s curated selection of silver and gold super gifts, we’ll be ready to run.

Capricorn Gifting Horoscope
SCOUT: 1. Zip File in Gold & Silver

Bergdorf Goodman: 2. Ippolita Mini Lollipop Earrings | 3. Gorski Shadow Fox Fur Boa | 4. Tabitha Simmons Toni Mixed Metallic Sandals | 5. Monica Rich Kossan Two-Tone Heart of Gold Charm Necklace | 6. Monica Rich Kossan Silver & 18k Yellow Gold Flex 5-Row Cuff Bracelet | 7. GUCCI Melissa Metallic Leather Embroidered Gloves

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Sign: The Water Bearer
Characteristics: Deep, imaginative, original, free spirited
The water runs deep and free in your imaginative vessels, water bearers, and people are really starting to drink you in! You’re surfing into this season with some accomplished waves at your back and an extremely promising sunrise on your horizon. You’ve been making a splash with growth personally and career-wise. Keep riding this ambitious wave, Aquarians. The cosmos are excited to support you and dive-headstrong into the waters of optimism and success. Honestly, Deb couldn’t have selected more fitting essentials for your winning season with several sharp tools and treats from J.Crew.

Aquarius Gifting Horoscope
SCOUT: 1. Crown Jewels in On the Rocks

J.Crew: 2. Ribbed Cable-knit Beanie in Everyday Cashmere | 3. Pointed Stiletto Ankle Boots | 4. Pave Circle Earrings | 5. Thelma Penny Loafers | 6. Glitten in Cashmere Blend | 7. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz v2 Knit Sneakers

For those of you who didn’t see your ‘scopes, fear not. Next week, we’ll look deep into the cosmos and wish lists of Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. With the tides of the New Moon Scorpio quickly turning and working their magic, we’ll have much to discuss for these water, fire, earth, and air signs...

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