Gifting Horoscopes (Pt. 2)

Posted on Nov 16, 2018 4:26:55 PM

November Gifting Horoscopes

Season’s greetings to some of the most intense, thoughtful, and passionate star signs on the block. We’ve got water, fire, earth, and air on deck, and I’ve got to be honest, these particular gift guides have taken a lot out of me. Each of you are so different and have so much in store for your cosmic holiday season, it took a couple of stiff cups of joe to keep up. So, let’s get jiggy with it, because these ‘scopes aren’t going to unveil themselves!

Pisces (Feb 18 - Mar 20)

Sign: Fish
Characteristics: Affectionate, empathetic, wise, artistic

Nurturing, thoughtful, and forward-thinking fishes, I’m sure November 7th’s Scorpio New Moon inspired you to go swimming in a deep pool of contemplation and evaluation for the past few days. It’s in your thoughtful nature to heavily meditate on things and mull over your dreams, feelings, and aspirations. Pisces, I know you know it, but you’re really "on the edge of glory," as one Lady Gaga would say. With the full moon shining light on what you’ve really been wishing for, it’s time to take the plunge! It’s time to let go and dive into the holiday revamp you’ve been dreaming of. Your romantic, affectionate, artistic energy should be celebrated, so kick off your 360 with these pleasantries.

SCOUT: 1. Original Deano in Pleasantrees

H&M: 2. Cable-knit Scarf | 3. iPhone Case 6/8 | 4. Earrings with Beads | 5. Heart-shaped Sunglasses | 6. Rib-knit Hat | 7. Sock Boots

Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 20)

Sign: The Ram
Characteristics: Eager, dynamic, quick, competitive

With Venus in retrograde, Scorpio New Moon, and the upcoming full moon on the 23nd, the quickly circulating planets appear to be matching your fiery persona, Aries. You’ve had a lot going on, and a lot of new friendships and relationships popping up left and right. It’s in your nature to charge into everything, horns a blazin’, but take a moment to think of yourself first this season, rowdy rams. The most important relationship to reflect on is the one you have with yourself. Take care of yourself by nixing the unnecessary (thank u, next), pursuing personal passions and projects, and enjoying the company of you. Being pure fire and doing the ram thang calls for some swag, aptly curated by fellow Aries, Deb!

SCOUT: 1. Packin’ Heat in Ivy
Nieman Marcus: 2. David Yurman Albion 18mm Silver/Gold Statement Ring | 3. Valentino Garavani Uptown Kitten Heel Kiltie Loafers | 4. Moschino Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses w/ Chain Temples | 5. Alexander McQueen Heirloom Pins Square Printed Scarf | 6. Jennifer Behr Calito Knit Head Wrap w/ Crystal Snowflakes | 7. Oscar de la Renta Short Clip-On Beaded Tassel Earrings | 8. Portolano Leather Bow-Cuff Gloves

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 21)

Sign: The Bull
Characteristics: Strong, dependable, sensual, creative

My little bully bullies! I’ve got to be honest, y’all are about to have a killer holiday season, in my humble opinion. Mars has been lighting up your tenth house of achievements, awards, and honors all November and will continue to do so. Keep being bullish in the workplace, charging headstrong into any important projects you have lined up, and charge through that work-force-china-shop with all you’ve got. After all, you’re strong as heck, Taurus, so you better believe that hard work is going to pay off in the long haul. Also, new moon in Scorpio, on the 7th, opened a ten-day window of opportunity to make things OFFISH in your partnership. So, get real with your bull or cow counterpart, and lock it down! The time is now for barreling into all your passions, so why not do it in style? Deb’s already got your strong, sensual, and dependable side covered with a Sally Go Lightly in Black Velvet. I mean, honestly, nothing says, "strong and sensual," like a black velvet crossbody bag—oh, and a three-buckle corset, leather belt, of course.

SCOUT: 1. Sally Go Lightly in Black Velvet

Barneys: 2. La Californienne Cartier 1980s Large Tank Watch | 3. GUCCI Marmont Metallic Leather Pumps | 4. Eugenia Kim Sabrina Wool Felt Chauffeur Cap | 5. House of Lafayette Fur-Trimmed Cashmere Fingerless Gloves | 6. GUCCI GG0150S Sunglasses | 7. Marc Jacobs Faux-Fur Cowl Scarf | 8. C.S. Simko Three-Buckle Corset Leather Belt | 9. Dior DiorColorQuake2 Sunglasses

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 21)

Sign: The Twins
Characteristics: Versatile, expressive, curious, kind

OK Gems, here’s the thing, you’ve got a busy month ahead with Mercury, Venus and Neptune moving in and out of retrogrades, and Jupiter and Uranus switching zodiac signs (this is a lot, I know). All of this cosmic craziness is happening on top of sultry and mysterious Scorpio season. Take everything one step at a time, Twinnies. You can totally conquer and/or survive this holiday season’s juggling act since you’re versatile as heck. Get your curious self out in that crisp autumn air, put in those earbuds and rip your heavy rotation playlist, ponder some thoughts, and release all that energy on a brisk walk through your favorite park or while cranking a couple Sun Salutations. You’re doing great and working your tail off, and the best is yet to come for your kind, Gem of a self in December. All this said you now have the universe and Deb Johns stamp of approval to treat yourself to some fab essentials, perfect for all that tail kicking you’re doing this November.

SCOUT: 1. Blake Wallet in Black

Bloomingdales: 2. 2AQUA Rabbit Fur-Cuff Leather Tech Gloves | 3. Burberry The Classic Vintage Check Cashmere Scarf | 4. Kendra Scott Justyne Earrings | 5. GUCCI Women's Oversized Round Sunglasses 51mm | 6. Stuart Weitzman Pyramid Suede Cone-Heel Booties


Preview for next week’s Cancers, Leos, Virgos, and Libras is HIGH IMPORTANCE: Mercury will enter retrograde starting the 16th of November through the 6th of December. Be wise, be calm, and beware of freaky feelies during this time. Remember that the holidays be cray, just like ol’ Mercury. Trust and know it will all be over just in time for you to start all your gingerbread dream house crafting, high dollar present purchasing, new John Legend album listening, and under mistletoe smooching. XOXO.

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