Gifting Horoscopes (Pt. 3)

Posted on Nov 28, 2018 2:55:34 PM

PRAISE GAIA, holiday hennys. Venus just dipped out of retrograde and Mercury is bouncing on December 6th, so we can all let go and let December do its holiday thang. This one’s for all you Cancers, Leos, Virgos, and Libras, and boy does Deb have some A-1 gifts to guide you through this month’s charts.

Cancer (Jun 21 - July 22)

Sign: The Crab
Characteristics: Intuitive, protective, sentimental, compassionate, persuasive

Hey you, crabbies! I see you burning that midnight oil. You have been BUSTING IT this season, and I bet your claws are aching, aren’t they? You’re totally starting to realize this, Moonchildren, and you have to listen to those feels. This said the time has begun to begin a self-care routine. Get on that, or I’ll come knocking on those shells myself, so help me Poseidon. Plus, you have a financial blessing in store this month, so feel free to get crabby with it and get that shopping bread.

SCOUT: 1. Weekender in On the Rocks
MATCHES Fashion: 2. Burberry Charm bracelet | 3. Aquazzura Quant 45 point-toe velvet ankle boots | 4. GUCCI Beetle necklace | 5. Vetements Geisha striped canvas lighter-heel ankle boots | 6. Vanda Jacintho Snail resin bracelet | 7. GUCCI Crystal-embellished cat-eye sunglasses

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)

Sign: The Lion
Characteristics: Fiery, cheerful, generous, creative, outgoing

Don’t get worked up about needing to turn a few lemons into lemonade this month, my little, cutie Leos. No stress, no stress. Everything is going to turn out GUCCI, okay? Maintain that awesome attitude and these potholes in the season of life won’t be anything you can’t handle. You’re also going to tie up loose ends business-wise, and you should feel super accomplished after doing so. Give yourself a big ol’ pat/spank on the back/tail and celebrate these accomplishments, fam. The time will come for you to praise yourself, lion(esses)!

SCOUT: 1. Bagette in Hot Toddy
Bloomingdales: 2. Tory Burch Robinson Striped Zip Leather Continental Wallet | 3. GUCCI Women's Stripe Platform Sandals | 4. AQUA Striped Cashmere Scarf | 5. Kate Spade New York Stripe Credit Card iPhone 8 Case | 6. Nasty Gal Open Bar Striped Clutch

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

Sign: The Maiden
Characteristics: Hardworking, practical, loyal, analytical, gentle

You’ve had a lot going on, and I know you Maidens love to climb every mountain, ford every stream, and follow every rainbow on your own, but it’s time to start delegating and letting your forest creatures/coworkers/friends/family lend a hand for a change. They want to, Virgos, they really do! Oh, and you’re also going to have a development in a longstanding relationship, and it’s going turn out real nice for you, hennies (insert winky smiley emoji).

SCOUT: 1. Hot Date in Ivy
Anthropologie: 2. Edan Eyelash Gloves | 3. Banbury Reading Glasses | 4. Jolene Bandana Kerchief Scarf | 5. Zodiac Coin Necklace | 6. Anthropologie Namibe Platform Heels

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Sign: The Scales
Characteristics: Social, fair-minded, diplomatic, cooperative

Recognize you’ve got the power over those dreary, shivery, gloomy, holiday blues we can all so easily catch. You’re so good at recognizing real, Libbies, so once you acknowledge your feelies, you can start taking your season in any direction you choose. Pull yourself up by those scales, and take the first opportunity for adventure you find in December, or make any other change in your life that’s guaranteed to make you a happier lil’ diplomat. Also, start reaching for what you REALLY want, not just those low hanging fruits (even though those are great too). Trust me, my libs, you’re going to round out the season quite nicely, just in time for NYE!

SCOUT: 1. Double Fistah in Red Red Pine
Moda Operandi: 2. GUCCI Sunglasses Gucci Strass Sunglasses | 3. Moncler Genius Coated Shell-Trimmed Shearling Mittens | 4. Isabel Marant Lamsy Calfskin Boots | 5. Renee Louis 18K Gold, Citrine, And Amethyst Earrings | 6. Isabel Marant Lecce Leather Belt | 7. Stalvey Ring Lizard Beauty Case 2.0

God(dess) speed to all you holibaes. Remember to keep shining, stay in your holiday magic, and get that (wrapping) paper. The season is here, it’s clear, get used to it!

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