Travel Guide: Portland, Maine

Posted on Jun 13, 2018 11:34:18 AM

When a destination photo shoot comes a-knockin', ya answer. Rummage through your storage, pull out those Bean boots that highlight your calves just so, and charter the closest moose. Portland, Maine is the obvious choice when you’ve got to shoot the Fall/Winter 2018 Collection featuring a gourmet market story. With a Köppen climate, ample artisanal grocery stores, and the return of one of our top models, Shakara Pittman, you can’t possibly go wrong…Right?

By the way, I didn’t mean to imply anything went awry in Maine. Maine killed it. We've actually decided to move into a lighthouse, get jobs at Stonewall Kitchen peddling our wares, and live out our Maine destinies in red beanies and flannel until our dying days. I will say that Kate briefly "lost her smile" (showbiz lingo for, 'she lost her mojo and started smiling in this coy, yet innocent way we'd never seen before, and we wanted the old Kate back') one of the days they were shooting, which was interesting...but, it's nothing a little Photoshop can't fix (kidding, Kitty). Trust me, y’all are going to love what we're harvesting for fall.

You enter Blake Orchard through stairs leading to a basement and can totally tell you’re somewhere cool but also unassuming with humble surroundings. My girl, Megan, got a ginger smoothie. It was awesome, and I’m sure she felt indestructible afterward. My other girl, Sarah, got a peanut butter and banana smoothie. I know what you’re thinking, “Cool. I make those every morning in my NutriBullet Pro. It’s nothing to write home about.” Well, this is totally different, so can it, ya smoothie snob! Apparently, this peanut butter banana smoothie tasted like something you’d see on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Like, it was some 40,000 calorie milkshake, when in reality it was only 200 calories and had really ~active~ ingredients, like maca, in it. Blake Orchard for the win.

The former site of a Portland newspaper, the Press Hotel, seamlessly weaves typewriters and fonts into its decor. With strong style, great service, a restaurant, and a central location, the Press is doing all the right things. That's some real news for you.

Did you even go to Maine if you didn’t see a lighthouse? Cape Elizabeth is a fifteen-minute ride from Portland. It’s really beautiful. They have food trucks there, so you could have an impromptu picnic. What wholesale fun you can have in beautiful, Maine!

Megan says the donuts the Holy Donut were the best things she’s ever eaten, and she doesn’t even like donuts. It made donuts from our local donut dens taste like an old Krispy Kreme donut had been left out in an alley for the pigeons and vermin. That's a gross exageration, but you get the idea.

This cult eatery, Eventide, serves up crazy fresh seafood. Deb ordered a very yummy Reuben, fried chicken buns, and homemade chips (for the squad). And, let’s get real here. It’s in Goop’s Travel Guide, so if Gwyneth and Deb are into it, it’s where you want to be.

Blanche & Mimi, Folly 101, and Holly Stone are located in the Old Port neighborhood. This is one of those areas you hope to stumble upon when you’re bopping around on vacay. It has all the funkiest, coolest, and most beloved local businesses. Blanche & Mimi is a chic children's boutique. Go to Folly 101 to get your Ina Garten on and invest in some housewares that will turn you Barefoot Contessa. Holly Stone is an on-trend clothing boutique with constantly updating, unique collections and gifts. Head to Old Port to start investing in ingredients for your best life. Knock it out in one afternoon.

The Pomegranate Inn, located in the more residential, West End, is within walking distance of all the cool, local haunts. It’s a Lark Hotel, which is a hip chain based in New England. Every room is different with a different motif. *Cut to Megan, shrouded in linen and chambray, sipping dragon tea as she stares wistfully out at the crashing waves.*

Acadia National Park is a must-see for your next trip to Maine. You can hike and see the park in half a day. When you’re done, go to Hull’s Cove General Store for pizza made from scratch and a plethora of baked goods (which Meggie was fiendin’ for post Whole 30). She got a blondie. It was “transcendental.”

If you have time, stop in Rockland, Maine. It’s home of the Farnsworth and a wonderful batch of other galleries. The Farnsworth features world-class exhibits while staying true to its roots, a small coastal town in Maine. Megan enjoyed the Andrew Wyeth Spotlight and Ai Wei Wei Chinese Zodiac Exhibit.

Everyone celebrated Julian’s big 2-7 at Fore Street while he donned a silly, crab hat. A local, 12-year-old troubadour gave Kate a ukulele lesson with gritted teeth. Spiritual experiences were unearthed through the power and glory of Holy donuts. And,  SCOUT was clearly the "Maine" attraction. Hehe.

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