Travel Guide: Sales Managers on the Road

Posted on Aug 23, 2018 12:17:12 AM


Okay, now ladies…


You know you’re rad…


Don’t need no man, got your own bands, put up your hands…

Apologies for the slightly impulsive introduction. We’re serving up all kinds of empowerment and retail fabulosity in this “Business Woman Special,” and a little roll call felt highly necessary.

This week we sat down with Regional Sales Quangels (see any of our other posts for definition), Sally Wiebe and Sarah Ashton Clark, for real talk about the unbreakable bonds forged in good faith, fellowship, and polypropylene tote bags, remerchandising from a sales perspective, and racking up those good old hotel points. Come ride with me!

After a Fieldstone training in Charleston, sales reps and SCOUT regional managers did what any group of people who completed a sales training would do. They gathered for cocktails and celebrated 25 years of business. The anniversary of our 3-year partnership with our amazing rep group gave additional cause for merriment, and what merriment there was. Peep this shot of kweenfest 2k18 above.

Pasquesi Home & Garden

Garden center shopping is on the rise right now, and we’re stoked to partner with this beautiful garden store in a great area of Illinois. In an era of wall planters and going to Trader Joe's and “Picking up some flowers to make things happy this week,” Pasquesi is a mecca of succulents, lifestyle products, and homewares. *Visions of self-care danced in their heads*

Le Village Marche

Bienvenue, neighbs! This Parisian flea market daydream is located right up the street in the Cathedral Commons. If you’re ever bopping over to the Washington National Cathedral for a service or to pay respects to OG quangels like, Anne Sullivan or Helen Keller, grab a coffee at Open City to pregame your trip to this French treasure trove.

Sample House

Ah, the Sample House. Where do I even begin? Both nostalgic and contemporary, unique and charming, hip and classic, this wonderful lifestyle store is our brave, new brand pioneer of Texas. We love our Dallas cowgirl.

Elle B

Alpharetta is experiencing a major revitalization, a la Mia Thermopolis makeover montage in Princess Diaries. The 'Retta (new nickname bequeathed by yours truly) is revamping, y'all, so gird those loins. Because, local business like, Elle B, is the charcoal face mask hydrating, toning, and clarifying the face of this Georgian gem of a city. A lifestyle store run by a mother-daughter duo with 5-star personalization services? Sign. Me. Up. I’m going back down south now.

Sally Wiebe, Regional Sales Manager: New England, Mid Atlantic, Midwest, or as I’ve grown fond of calling her as of the past few days, “Swiebs,” is married to the game, and no one sleeps on Sally when it comes to managing the Northeast, Midwest, and New England. “Connecting with and seeing the retail ecosystem in action is invaluable. Specialty retail is still alive and well for players who want to invest their time. We are ready to partner up with you through the good, the bad, the ugly,” she pledged. I’m sorry, but can I get an “Amen” and a “Sarah Wiebe for President”?!

Sarah Ashton, Regional Sales Manager, Southeast, South & West and retail renaissance rockstar, hit me with this additional realness, “Forging meaningful relationships with our people should be the top priority. They’re our partners, friends, and not to generalize, but the majority are women. We need to lift each other up.”

Sally and Sarah Ashton visited 125 retailers over the course of their travel with Colorado being the furthest destination. Sarah Ashton earned $500 bucks worth of Amazon gift cards from TripActions. Not all heroes wear capes, but they certainly carry bags.

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