What's in the Bag: Austin Photoshoot

Posted on Sep 24, 2018 5:34:48 PM

Last week members of the Marketing Team shot our Spring Summer 2019 product in Austin, Texas. The super hip city played the ideal backdrop for next summer's collection of groovy new patterns. As fabulous and fun loving as these destination shoots may appear, it ain’t all glitz, glam, and brisket tacos. The photoshoot team has to transport over 150 pieces of SCOUT product. Over the years, we've tried every packing solution, and there’s nothing as efficient as the 4 Boys Bag. If you're headed to the Lone Star State, you better be packin’ heat and bring a bag with some Texas-level bandwidth.

Every time Megan watches one of our 4 Boys Bags roll down the conveyor belt at baggage claim, she thinks to herself, "Wow, that’s one hell of a bag." We never get over how much we can fit inside these bags. Like, the fact that you can check them at the airport almost feels criminal.

You can pack one of these daddies to the gills with 10 pairs of cowgirl boots, line it with enchiladas, or cram in 30 polypropylene totes and you’ll be one happy senorita when your loot's waiting for you, unscathed and organized, at arrivals.

When you have multiple, extra large bags packed with precious cargo to lug around a city for 4 days, returning to a simple and chic hotel room is truly a luxury unlike no other. With a mini bar in each room stocked with uniquely Texas brands, like Tecate and Topo Chico, bags of tortilla chips and fresh salsa, the Hotel San Jose makes every detail thoughtful. It’s minimalist in the greatest way. Their brand is hip and very Texas-chic, and we love it.

If you follow our @scoutbags Instagram account, then you’ve probably noticed that breakfast is kind of a “thing” at HQ. "Food Fridays" are a sacred tradition in which team members sign up in a Google Doc for a specific date when they'll provide breakfast for the team. If the breakfast provider is running late because she needed to pick up some extra cream cheese on the way to the office, our team has been known to riot. Breakfast is a grave matter in this office, and we treat it with equal, if not greater, reverence when we're on the road. Lil' D really turned the Team on to pressed juices during flu season. So anything with a name like “Immunity Booster” or “SuperAde" is up our alley. Seriously, we'll Super Size it and take twenty. From what I can tell, Juice Society is a well-curated pressed juice sanctuary.

Honestly, I'd heed caution when browsing their site as I found myself adrift in a shiny juice vortex of kits, cases, cleanses, shots, and apparel (I'm all about that branded swag). Now that I think of it, if you were picking up several cases of juice to take to your coworkers at Franklin Barbecue, Outdoor Voices, or Yeti (I'm just listing my Austin dream jobs FYI) a 4 Boys Bag would be the ideal juice vehicle. Yikes, imagine that expense report. Pressed juice is a pretty high dollar.

Who would have thunk I was capable of an insatiable craving for wood-grilled chicken al carbon and a personal cauldron of rice and beans at 9 AM? Not me, that’s for sure! Anywho, the gang enjoyed lunch at Fresa's where they reunited with our beloved co-worker, Anna Edelman, who’s attending grad school at UT Austin.

They were also joined by Austin food blogger, Jane, whose energy is as refreshing and bright as a Prickly Pear Margarita. She’s just delightful, haven’t met her, but I did a deep dive into her Instagram account. Her content is truly delightful (Second T Warning: there’s a lot of sexy food shots, so don’t stalk hungry). We also took some vvvv cute, possibly our favorite, pics of a new product we’re releasing (hint: think beverage styling).

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