What's in the Bag: Eloise & Madeline

Posted on Aug 7, 2018 9:54:24 AM

We love our funky iPhone cases, vibrant water bottles, and special sleeves for tablets and laptops. These are the little treasures that make the humdrum, the daily grind, the hustle, if you will, slightly more special. We are people, and we love our stuff. As a millennial (Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m a millennial woman), I’ll admit I especially adore my workaday accouterments. There are few things sweeter than a fresh Moleskin notebook with 120+ pages, soon to be soaked in scrawlings of my thoughts, dreams, feelies, and bleak grocery lists. Creature comforts like these are what make #desklife and #sweatlife aka #swamplife feel a little more dignified, a little more special. There's something oddly comforting about modifying these utterly ordinary “necessities” of ours. This version of redecorating, or modification with a little flair, is a key actor in the polypropylene heartbeat of our SCOUT Bags body. This is to say that, even if it's down to the last, dusty brown bag, we'll find a way to "celebrate life's colorful adventures," by Jove. Now, who’s ready to talk lunchboxes?

“But, Rebecca, as a modern woman on the go, I don’t have the time to pack a savory and nutritious meal!” you cry. Welp, who says you can’t bring your Eloise in Pinky Swear and grab that overpriced salad on the way to work instead? At this hour, everything is fresh, and they haven’t run out of all the good ingredients yet. Plus, you can treat yourself to a fancy coffee drink while you’re inside. Away you go!

Perhaps, you live in a city with an Australian coffee culture-inspired cafe, like Bluestone Lane. Well, my friend, you're one of the lucky few who walks in the local-dining-options light, so bless up. You have access to the greatest avocado toast this side of Pangaea (go ahead, sue me for such an outlandish claim). The ricotta and berry fruit toast is another delightful option and the cutest little lunch you've ever seen, pictured above.

If you’re more of handbag/clutch type, like myself, the Eloise is your gal. She’s shockingly spacious, so there’s no disappointing moment when you reach for your avocado toast covered in delicious toppings and come to find a naked piece of toast with feta and tomato pile laying in the bottom of the container.

When I forget to pack my delectable piece of quiche prepared by my dear friend, Aloise, I go to Dog Tag. Other reasons I bee-bop over there include: when I’d prefer a cookie, brownie, and slice of oreo cream pie for lunch. So, add seven, minus two, and that equals any day I'm at work.

I’m not going to tell myself to not go to a delicious bakery whose proceeds are donated to Dog Tag Inc, an organization invested in the employment and productive civilian life of veterans and military families. Find yourself a great local bakery with an even better mission and make sure to bring your Madeline crossbody lunch box.

The crossbody feature keeps your hands free, which is absolutely necessary if you need to get a headstart on a slice of carrot cake on the walk back to your desk (gotta keep our weight & blood sugar up). Like the Eloise, it’s oddly roomy and has the ideal shape for securing a latte or smoothie next to your carry-out box of blueberry mint basil cake. Handsfree is also a must for that time you could have shaken hands with our 44th president, Barack Obama and his best friend, Joe Biden when they were at Dog Tag Bakery LAST WEEK.

Behold a Warrior Bowl from South Block, the most Instagrammable juicery on the eastern seaboard. This beautiful beast needs no further explanation, other than the fact that both of our lunch boxes are the perfect vessels for all you, acai bowl-getters. Support your Instagram presence and building healthier communities one “block” at a time. That is all.

I'll wrap this lunch saga with some food for thought. It’s highly likely I’ll run into a nameless person of my past during my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s. This nameless past person will kindly attempt to procure a Rebecca-info nugget from the caverns of their memory blob (brain) and end up asking me something like, “Uhh, you still working at that bag company?” So, imagine the scene in  Legally Blonde when Stanford ask Elle, “You’re the girl with the perfumed poo bags, aren’t you?” Elle replies, “Actually I’m the woman with the scented waste receptacles, but yes.”

I will say, "Yes, uninterested acquaintance. I am proudly employed by SCOUT Bags, a local business whose sole mission is making your trips to Trader Joes, more colorful, efficient, and generally worthwhile through the production of bags, coolers, accessories, home storage, and organization.” Then, I will march over to the delightful TJ’s checkout Team, brandish my beautiful SCOUT lunchbox, pay up, and tuck my perishables safely inside. I will bust through the automatic, sliding doors and go forth in the wild, swamp yonder with my farm fresh and fabulously-housed groceries. Regardless of whether I’m bringing an avocado covered in soy sauce or ostrich eggs, you better believe I’m going to make this lunch fashion, and you should too!

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