What's in the Bag: Holiday Bagettes

Posted on Dec 13, 2018 4:33:59 PM

Calling all turtle doves!
Fill your bag with swag and style. Come in hot towing a Bagette filled with essentials your host/hostess will actually use and honestly needs. Added bonus: the Bagette is one of our Top-Sellers, and I’m talking TOP sellers, peeps (I don’t know if I was authorized to pass out that information, so that’s my gift to you, lucky readers). This is a Trader Joe’s favorite and a good looking tote at that. With delightful patterns, next-level roominess, and two handle lengths, your host will slam dunk that bag full of a bunch of other bags straight into the recycling. Saving trees and ocean critters is a sacred holiday gift even you can give!

We went with the Bagette in Ivy for a modern, chic, and whimsical look. You can’t go wrong with a black and white print, especially because it allows for some fun color popage treat-wise.

Sleek, foil chocolate Santas, colorful Jelly Belly’s (my personal stocking favorite—truly mouthwatering), and coffee in holiday, graphic packaging punctuates the soft, black and white vine pattern.

The modern prints on the plates, cups, and cocktails napkins creates a youthful yet mod set up for holiday entertaining with casual sophistication.

This may be one of my all time fav Deb gifting assortments, because I am a sucker for LL Bean overtones and an even bigger sucker for the Yelling Timber pattern. I want it in every storage piece, gift bag, grocery tote, and a Deano. I’m pretty sure we make Yelling Timber in the Original Deano too. Let me double check. Yep. We do. But, we’re not talking about the Deano right now, so back to the Bean-y Bagette.

For more of a "camp fire," cozy mix, Deb grabbed the Bagette in Yelling Timber. Red, black, and wood-y tones create warm, winter cabin vibes.

Gold foil-wrapped chocolates, Toblerones in alpine, holiday packaging, and Navaho pattern poppers make for the perfect wintry mix of treats.

Winter holiday events, occasions, and expectations are on high alert as we wrap up week two of the most wonderful time of the year. The Dirty Santas, White Elephants, and company holiday parties are filling the calendars, and you may be reaching for that Life Alert necklace, saying, "Help! I’ve eaten my weight in sausage balls and Cabernet, and I can’t get up!" Or, you’re reaching for that ol’ Amex to pay for another cinnamon-apple-butter-pancake-tower-on-a-Tuesday morning scented Yankee Candle for a hostess gift and wondering when the pain will go away. Well fear not, dear shopper, because holiday party gifting doesn’t have to be heavily scented candles and broken dreams. It can be easy, charming, and even a little thrilling with Yankee Doodle Debbie’s helping hands. So, if you’re ready to accept the Bagette as your holiday gifting go-to, just follow the links. Plus, we have this unsung hero in plenty of patterns, so you can feel free to riff on these aesthetics any way you like. Mazel!

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