What's in the Bag: Tucker & Gibson

Posted on Sep 6, 2018 4:27:46 PM

Give me “The Rachel.” I’ll have an Arnold Palmer. We’ll take a carafe of Shirley Temple. What if you were so fabulous, so charismatic, and special, a refreshing beverage or cute haircut was named after you? It would be super flattering, of course, to be immortalized by your own name. That’s when you know you’ve really made it or “peaked,” as the kids say. If you’ve met any of the 4 prodigal Johns, then you totally get why this Family Assortment is flying off the shelves. It’s high time y’all heard it straight from the horsies mouths and find out what they’ve got in those water resistant, canvas saddle bags of theirs.

Gibson Johns

-Programming Manager & Entertainment Editor at AOL; Household Face for Sunglasses, Nominated for Up and Coming Sounding Board for Celebrities (Lists A-B) 2018, Most Not-Middle Middle Child.

"City living can get a little crazy. This functional, durable, and neutral backpack combats the chaos."

*Moment of reverence for the unassuming, yet potent energy Gibson is serving*


I walk almost everywhere in New York, and I always have my PowerBeats3 headphones on. No, I haven’t jumped on the AirPods train yet, because I love the ones I have. I like to listen to my seasonal playlist of my current favorite songs or my favorite podcast, Who? Weekly.


I’m obsessed with the Vanilla Justin's Almond Butter packs. They're currently my favorite snack to keep in my backpack because they’re easy to eat on the go, nonperishable, and the perfect hit of protein during a long day. Also, Kim Kardashian swears by them (look it up!), so that’s always an added bonus.

Reading material

In New York, you never know how long it’s going to take to get somewhere on the ever-unreliable subway, so I always have to have something to read to pass the time, whether it’s the latest issue of New York Magazine or the book I’m currently reading (just finished Crazy Rich Asians before seeing the movie!).

Tucker Johns

-Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn; the Eldest, the Wisest, the Most like Peter from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, General Aesthetic: Motivated.

"I've been waiting 14 years to have a bag named after me, and I was so excited to see a bag that I knew I could use every day."

*Would you just look at that wholesome, lil' in-office cutie*

I pack my bag every morning with stuff for the gym, a change of clothes, shoes, and anything else I need to bring to the office that day. It easily holds everything, and I can shove my wallet, keys, and gum into the outside snap pockets. These pockets are great because everything stays secure and easily accessible. This way I don’t have to fumble around in the main compartment trying to track down a solitary stick of spearmint.

I also use the bag as my primary travel bag. I HATE checking luggage, and I don't love rolling suitcases, so I'm always determined to fit everything into a duffle. It has to be big enough to pack what I need and also easy to carry while wearing my backpack. The adjustable shoulder strap makes carrying the bag a breeze, plus it fits easily into any overhead compartment.

Pro tip: You will never be asked to gate check this bag because gate agents are only looking at the rollers. Hah! Take that, TSA.

Though we've only covered two of the four Johns sibs, I must note that each artfully curated blend of Deborah Waterman and Ben Johns brings his/her own savory something to the table. Typically, for me, this stiff cocktail of charisma, spunk, and individual talent triggers sharp pangs of envy dating back to afternoons watching the Brady Bunch, but it’s different with the Johns. Their aura is refreshing and goes down smoothly (kind of like throwing back a couple Shirley Temple’s at Benihana, am I right?). So, enough of the creepy beverage metaphors. Go forth and know you too can channel your inner Tucker or Gibson vibes by simply clicking the image above.

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