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Posted on Oct 19, 2018 3:22:07 PM

blog-inthebag-oct-TinyPackage-headerIt’s wedding SZN in America, babies. We’re taking a moment to get real, from a guest's perspective, with all the brides to be out there. We love y’all, we cherish y’all, and we are thrilled to be there to dance with your single cousin, Nielson, all night long. We’re honored to dive for bouquets and tear that dance floor UP, but you gotta help us get there. So, today we’re talking wedding welcome bags with the OG wedding attendant, DWJstyle. She’s done a beauty 360 and packed three of our Tiny Packages with all kinds of legit wedding loot, so you don’t have to act like a fool on Pinterest all Saturday. 

Y’all, it’s striking how much can fit in these bags. You don’t have to give your guests big old sacks with some popcorn swimming around in there. You can be their hero, for real. Never underestimate the potential of the Tiny Package, because it is a Force. Time to RECOGNIZE.

Let’s say you’re a city mouse, and your wedding brand is more of a black tie, metro, sexy mode. For a sophisticated, city wedding, a black and white or silver and gold metallic print really says, “I’m classy. I’m chic. And, I’m charming” *flashes million dollar smile.*

Stock your Tiny Package full of special toiletries and grooming treasures you wouldn’t normally pack for yourself. I’m talking lavender spray for your pillow, a little canister of Oribe texturizing spray, dry shampoo, or, heck, throw a Tan Towel in there! Honestly, I’d appreciate a bar of soap. Sweet and savory food items from places like Dean and Deluca, Fauchon, and other fancy brands will create an elevated selection inside your classy little sack of goodies.

Also, most importantly: WATER. Water is HUGE. A lot of people don’t do tap water when they travel (good grief), so bottled water is an easy, healthy, and relatively economical add on that people majorly appreciate. We went with the rare and modern, Fred water. You can truly just get whatever water you want, just make sure the label and branding tie back into your city slicker color story. Your guests are gonna be like, “Wowza! Look at these city kitties!” Hence, we’ll call this aesthetic, “pint-sized luxuries with a city feel.”

Are you the old-fashioned, beach goer type? You like some throwback Lilly Pulitzer, a stiff daiquiri, and tanning yourself to an absolute crisp, don't you? Well, sweetheart, so do I. But, I’m not getting married, so let’s make this about you again. If you’re a lucky little orange slice who's planning a destination wedding on a beach, island, shore, somewhere tropical, or any place that’s kind of country club, old Florida preppy, you’ve come to the right polypropylene gift bag distributor. Go on with your Gasparilla beach club self with a multicolor palette of sun-bleached stripes.

Those lucky sons of guns (aka your wedding guests) are itching to get their booties out of those business class seats and onto that pristine, white, gulf coast sand. Ah, how I love the panhandle. No one’s thinking clearly when they’re trying to get on island time, so it’s easy to forget some pretty glaring essentials. Pack your Tiny Packages with some Sun Bum sunscreen, starfish gummies, brightly branded bottled water, a tin of Louis Sherry sweets for the beach, some Ibiza chips (because exotic, duh), and some starfish gummies to really reinforce the message.

Emergen-C is magical dust from the hangover remedy gods and perfect for weekends when you’re sleeping less and playing more (or when you have a sinus infection). This look is delightfully beachy, refreshed, and reflects your sunny destination. You’ll have your guests unwindulaxing in no time.

Perhaps you’re a country mouse, or a mountain mouse, or a river mouse. I’d like to think I fall within this vermin spectrum when it comes to *dream* wedding destinations. I went to school on a mountain, spent my summers in the sub zero creeks and rivers in North Carolina, and I was born and raised in the home of country music. Nothing says simple and sophisticated like a black and white gingham print. This black and white check is relaxed, easy, and a little less city.

Yellow accents this look perfectly by giving a pop of different color while tying all the products together. BQ Granola, chocolates, Justin’s Almond Butter, nuts, and chips are perfect quick bites of energy. Trust me, guests will be elated when they remember they have that little spread waiting back in their room or at the Airbnb. They’re also these peripheral foods everyone craves at weird hours.

No one’s keeping their own schedule at weddings, so blood sugar can really plummet. The last thing you want is tired and hangry attendants, which is why good, quality tea makes for an awesome stuffer. This relaxed, country-inspired and sophisticated bag of snacks for both the morning and late night makes the perfect bookends for a long day.

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