Deb's Desk: Black & White Hearts

Posted on Feb 6, 2019 10:27:15 AM


Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day is a pretty polarizing holiday. You either love it or loathe it. And it’s nearly impossible to avoid thanks to Walgreens and CVS, Zales and Jared, and the omnipresent social media platforms we click through all day long. Whether you’ve already laid out your dream V-Day outfit that seamlessly transitions you from work to happy hour to dinner, or you’ve added a work-from-home notification on your Outlook calendar for the entirety of next week, the masterminds at SCOUT HQ have concocted just the remedy—what we like to call a “happy”—to unite both parties. So, let’s talk about the perfect contradiction that is black hearts.



Blackheart marble tile is such a delightful and unexpected design choice, and we should all be here for it. The heart functions perfectly when multiplied in an allover pattern on clothing or interior accents.


Commes des Garçons (the Japanese fashion label, in case you’re not familiar) has built an entire brand on hearts with coy eyes. From clothes to sneakers to accessories, their black hearts with personalities are always a cult-y and cool addition to any wardrobe. Even a simple gray wool cardigan stands out with this fun heart-pal peeking out.


If you haven’t yet you should definitely spend an afternoon scouring Society6 with hypnotic, swirly cartoon eyes. This site is chock full of beautiful patterns and original designs. From symmetrically cut hearts to irregular ones like on this black hearts coffee mug, repetitive hearts can lighten up any setting.


Repetitive and irregularly shaped white hearts on a black, long-sleeved shift make for the ideal sweet-meets-hipster vibe. The stark color contrast on this Anthropologie version looks both modern and classic and shows off some ready to wear flirtatiousness. This little number is contemporary, appropriate, and oh so easy to love. Do you adore it?


These heart-shaped black, gold, and white treasure dishes would make great gifts and happies for your friends on any occasion. They carry less Valentine’s-y overtones than the classic red or pink hearts but with the same feelings attached, which is really nice.


This quirky Commes des Garçons tee is great for conveying an edgy-but-sweet vibe often necessary for concerts, Saturday brunches, or clacking away on your laptop at a coffee shop that predominantly features “nitro” brew on the menu. This number lets people know you’re lighthearted, but with a bit of mysterious on the side. Who knew a simple t-shirt could send all the right messages?


The opposing forces on this cushion cow heart work together to create a modern twist on a classic for interior accents. There’s also something that feels very Parisian-apartment-window-romantic about these sheer heart-y curtains.


The unspoken language of love resonates through the heart in all of its forms, so why fight the feeling? Have a heart and get your own free heart keychain (while supplies last!) with orders $50+ with code KEYTOMYHEART at checkout... And because we love y’all so much, we figured we’d sweeten the deal by throwing in free shipping. Will you be ours? XOXOXO



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