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Posted on Jul 8, 2019 10:20:05 AM


Shoes and bags. Bags and shoes. These are the things we treat ourselves to. These lyrics are from the SCOUT HQ summertime hit single “Bags and Shoes.” Ladies (and gents), we can all admit to loving a great shoe and bag combo, especially during these spicy summer months when fun footwear rules. There are few feelings more thrilling than fresh shoes on your feet and a killer bag on your arm. As a mid-summer treat, we want to give you easy access to that feeling. Best of all, hot shoes and great bags don’t have to come at a cringe-y cost when you’ve got our Chief Creative Officer, Deb Waterman Johns, on your side. Now let’s go get some pedicures, peeps!


We’ll start things off with the three C’s: cute, classic, and clean. We could even add a fourth C—check—for good measure, because we wouldn’t be lying. Our Nooner lunch box in Victoria Checkham, paired here with H&M checkered boat sneakers, create the ultimate summertime, Parisian picnic vibe. A black and white check never goes out of style and perfectly complements a soft pink and white checked tote, easy for daytime farmer’s market styling or Friday evening, jazz happy hour at the United States Botanical Sculpture Gardens. Matching and color coordinating is BACK, and this combo gives a delicious little bite of both concepts. BYOGingham, folks.


Oh My Rose Gold Birkenstock. These rosy, metallic Birkenstock-inspired slides á la H&M pair brilliantly with our In the Clear pouch in Lady and the Stamp. Metallic sandals and a sheer pouch are the ideal method for shining, toting, and snacking like a diva quangel (queen + angel). We must also pay respects to our gorgeous foot model and Assistant to the VP of Sales & Marketing, Channing Title-Fiske. Look at those glossy toes!


Another great combo: a timeless, nautical stripe, like our Mini Deano in Ship Shape, with a clear “Birkenstock” like these from Zara or a similar metallic t-strap sandal. This funky-meets-classic duo is great for the boat, beach, or anything else naughty or nautical you may have planned for the port bow this summer.


Rock a strappy, yellow t-strap sandal from Forever 21 and a towel-striped, multicolor cooler, like our Pleasure Chest in Off Tropic, for a bright and zesty approach to your day. Added bonus: this cooler can hold four bottles of wine or all the La Croix, meat, and cheese your colorful heart desires. This combination is a prime example of matching your footwear and bag across color stories. We also punctuated this look with a little unexpected neon, per Channing’s lemony flip flops.


The seafoam and pink Original Deano in Rainbow Fish transports your gear from beach to carpool with effortless chic. These two aptly match fashion to function, and their colors are just too juicy to pass up.


So, key takeaways, ready? Metallic goes with everything, from day to evening. Matching and color coordinating is always a hit. Punctuate with neon. A colorful summer bag is like a functional toy. And… don’t be afraid to go crazy with passion picks.

This summer, when you’re stomping around in your fierce new mules or slides or sneakers or flip flops, make sure you’re slinging a stylish, friendly-price-point SCOUT bag alongside, and celebrating the fact that chic footwear and bags are ALWAYS a good idea.




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