Deb's Desk: Winter Whites

Posted on Jan 31, 2019 12:33:44 PM


Got a case of the late January sads? Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of the “seasonless” clothing movement: WHITE denim. White jeans are the perfect foil to the gray mood of winter. So, have no fear, sullen snowflakes, winter whites are here, and li’l Debbie is going to school you on how to rock neutral looks that will have you feeling like yourself again.


White denim is crispy, flirty, and bright—precisely the wardrobe piece you need to put a little spring back in that winter doldrums step. Our Team is so hungry for this neutral flavor, in fact, that we hosted our own version of a P. Diddy White Party. We’re talking paper-white jeans, creamy vanilla sweaters, and an angel food cake bar to really get in the spirit. Honestly, if we could’ve, we would’ve Amazon Primed in a snow machine. (And dare we point out how our new pink and black Checkham patterns really pop when set against a marshmallow-like backdrop?)


Lean-and-mean cuts trump baggy-and-wide during cold weather months. Let’s keep it sleek on the bottom and chunky on top with thick, knit sweaters, shall we? (If you’re lucky, grandma already knit you one.) These Everlane skinny jeans will give you that chic, wintry Holly Golightly vibe we all so desperately crave in the month of February.


These Zara white-coated skinny jeans are fresh and flattering as all get out. Wear them to a breakfast, brunch, lunch, drinks, or dinner for a look that will knock their Smartwool socks off.


Okay, so these high-rise flares from Saks Fifth Avenue give that last pair a run for its money when it comes to Most Flattering Jeans on the Planet. Whoa Nelly!



A white jean is best topped with creamy, winter white sweaters and jackets. Pretty, romantic pastels and vibrant toppers are one of the more fun wardrobe mash-ups you can take for a test run. These oversized chunkers from Net-a-Porter and Zara would pair perfectly with the aforementioned Everlane skinnies.


Boots and booties make for the ultimate winter weather footwear compliment to white jeans. White leather booties are on the rise and also pair well with blue, black, or denim of any color.


I can’t get enough of this juicy contrast—there’s something gratifying about a bold, leopard bootie resting underneath the hem of a crisp, white jean. Plus, these leopard calf hair boots are from Madewell, so the quality and price will be right on point. Adding to the ol’ shopping cart as we speak.


Endlessly chic black and classic navy make great mixers for white denim too. The contrast of a dark against a stark white is also ideal for a seamless day-to-night transition.

Need even more inspo? We've pulled articles from Who What Wear, Glamour, and InStyle to get you out of your "no white after Labor Day" mindset.


Now, go forth and go neutral! If you’re not feeling the all-white wardrobe, then check out our newest neutral additions for Spring/Summer 2019 and let this pic of our fabulous bevy of SCOUT beauties serve as inspiration. Let’s beat those winter blues!


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