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Posted on Jun 12, 2019 2:10:45 PM


Chill out, girlies. It may be heating up where you (and we!) are but we’re taking strides to cooler climates and sharing a little behind the scenes footage from our photoshoot in the maple syrup capital of our precious squad of states—Vermont! That’s right, SCOUTies. We did a Vermont photography takeover on behalf of our Fall/Winter 2019 Collection. Keep reading for cooler temps inspiration (we know, it feels far off!), Creemees (we promise we’ll elaborate if you keep reading), and fabulous shots of a SCOUT fan favorite, the In the Clear!


The photography team flew into Burlington, a cute college town on beautiful Lake Champlain. Quick shout out to Wholesale Regional Sales Manager and University of Vermont grad, Sally Wiebe! After getting settled in, the SCOUT ladies and our (ahem, male) photographer, Julian, grabbed dinner at Juniper in the Hotel Vermont. The Juniper times were absolutely lovely with chorizo bread pudding, great ambience, backyard patio with fire pit, and a truly pleasant vibe in an urban setting. The hotel is only a block away from the lake, so the team took a nice stroll before dinner.


If there’s one thing we go nuts for at SCOUT, it’s sweets—ice cream in particular. Given that predisposition, it’s only natural that the gang made a beeline for Creemees Ice Cream at Burlington Bay. “Creemee” is simply a Vermont-born word for soft serve, and we think it’s now our new favorite... Mmmmmmm Creemee. When you go, it is imperative that you order a Maple Creemee. You’re in the maple capital of the universe, so you know it’s going to be heavenly and Creemee.




Next, the team headed to Stowe, Vermont where they did the bulk of their photo-shooting. Deb stayed at Field Guide Lodge, a chic and modern lodge with nostalgic twists. We love Field Guide Lodge, because the staff were incredibly accommodating and encouraged us to shoot photos of our products in the hotel. We mention this because, understandably, many hotels wouldn’t be so accommodating. When you see our Fall/Winter catalog, you’ll understand exactly why we couldn’t pass up shooting here. Besides our beach images, this may be one of the SCOUTiest places there ever was. Our friends-for-life at Field are sweeter than the stickiest tree of maple.


Upon rising and shining, this team is thinking of one thing the moment their eyes shoot open, and no, it’s not coffee… It’s breakfast. We adore this very-very-very important meal at HQ, so you better believe the team aggressively scouts out breakfast joints when shooting on location. The food and breakfast highlight for Stowe, Vermont was “Butler’s Pantry, babyyyy.” (I like to imagine our Media Manager, Megan Principe, saying this for emphasis). In all seriousness, Butler’s Pantry is highly esteemed in the breakfast industry, winning People magazine’s “Favorite Breakfast in Vermont” and listed in Yelp’s “Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. 2019.” You know you’re doing something right when critic-of-the-century, Yelp, is loving that stack of flapjacks you’re serving. Honestly, I think the girls went to Butler’s Pantry three days in a row and ordered Biscuit French Toast, which was the best french toast they had EVER had. They would also like to add that they adored their waitress whose name we’re still searching for.



Y’all may want to sit down with a stein of beer and bratwurst for this one. The team went to the Trapp Family Lodge. Yes, we know what you’re probably wondering, “is that ‘Trapp,’ as in ‘von Trapp?’” It is indeed! In the early 1940s, the von Trapp family toured the United States as the Trapp Family Singers before eventually settling in Stowe, Vermont on a magical farm with sweeping mountain ranges reminiscent of their beloved Austria. In the summer of 1950, they began welcoming guests to a rustic, 27-room family home/lodge. The ladies and Julian went to the Trapp Family Brewery to really soak in the Sound of Music and yummy beers. What a day to be alive in Vermont!



This photoshoot included two members of our fearless Finance team: Shakara and Mary Jo (just call her MJ). We’d be remiss not to point out that several ‘firsts’ were accomplished while in picturesque Stowe. MJ taught Shakara how to roast marshmallows for the very first time, and when the two hiked down to a gorgeous waterfall—which required traversing some fairly steep rocks—it was another first for Shakara who had never hiked before. Kill two birds with one Stowe, right?!


Gosh darn it, did Deb get some awesome shots of one of our favorite new patterns for fall, Gosh Yarn It? This is the multicolored pattern with an embroidered sweater effect (the one in the pancake photo). We’ll be doing even more great things with this pattern that we can’t wait to share with you all. This fall is going to be oh, so fall-y, and Vermont made for the ideal backdrop to our upcoming season’s products. Until the release of the Fall catalog, however, enjoy the summer and our fresh, vibrant patterns online! Check out our new Summer Catalog for the latest and summeriest, and don’t miss out on all the free summer swag…


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