What's in the Bag: Perfect Pairs

Posted on Jan 17, 2019 2:57:00 PM

It’s the third week of January, so there’s no denying everyone and their mother is in dire need of a little pick me up. Whether it’s a spicy wardrobe piece, fresh pair of sneakies, or a brand spankin’ new lint roller (lint rollers are highly underrated)—we all crave a mini-revamp to really get that New Year train chugging.


Unfortunately, fellow SCOUTies, Carson Whitesides, Kelly Pleasant, Michelle Obama, and I have birthdays in this grey, seemingly endless month. I say this because I believe Capricorns deserve a warmer month to celebrate, but alas, we cannot defy the stars. Regardless of birthdate, we should all absolutely treat ourselves before Valentine’s and President’s Days come bumbling along in February. So, allow me to introduce you to a couple of our most popular and guilt-free SCOUT goodies, perfect for kicking down the door into 2019. Added bonus: Our Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is launching next week, and the patterns are delectable.


We have all-star Sarah Ashton Clark (SAC for short) rocking a Weekender in Bluehemian Rhapsody and a Daytripper in Can You Belize. Sarah Ashton is our Regional Sales Manager, Southeast, South, and West. A connoisseur of homemade açaí bowls, she really knows her way around a Vitamix, and is a fabulous Hula-Hooper. She’s also devoted her January to attending Wholesale Market in Atlanta and Dallas and avoids travel scaries with these can’t-go-wrong carry-ons.


Being one of our many office health-and-wellness nuts, Sarah Ashton not surprisingly packs her exercise bands (to even out the damage done in our Atlanta showroom candy trough), Beekman Makeup Removing Face Wipes, and grape water, because “hydration is key—even for your face!” The Weekender is perfect for a business traveler like SAC, because you can stuff it under the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.


The Daytripper doubles as the perfect purse/personal item for everyday use or travel. Sarah Ashton appreciates the zip top in the event that her bag falls over. We don’t want all our favorite books and snacks going everywhere, do we?!


Nicole (more on her in a sec!) is toting an Original Deano in Lady and the Stamp and a Mini Deano in Victoria Checkham. Nicole Zsasa is our oh-so-feisty Product Development Manager, the coolest cool mom, and one of my favorite people to receive a Slack message from.


Nicole keeps a Mini Deano in her car for her two-year-old daughter Peyton’s “extra thangs.” We’re talking sippy cups, changes of clothes, blankets, hats and gloves in the colder months, sunblock in the warmer months, a baby-sized purse with blocks (love it), picture books, usually an extra pair of shoes, and always, ALWAYS Goldfish crackers!


You simply can’t go wrong when you’re hauling an Original Deano around town. Nicole has been using hers more recently as her “on-the-way-out ” toy transporter. Basically, anything that Peyton deems unworthy of play, Nicole throws in the Deano and to the donation box it goes pronto! She also loves it for long car trips when she packs extra toys and snacks.

If you’re interested in a fresh Weekender, Daytripper, Original Deano, Mini Deano, or any of our other treasures in new patterns for Spring/Summer 2019, check out our sneak peek. We’re waist deep in January, also known as “Treat Yourself O’clock,” so get after some bright, springtime goodies guaranteed to put some pep in your SADD step.


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