What's in the Bag: Cal & Maeve

Posted on May 14, 2019 10:55:12 AM

B-A-B-Y-M-A-M-A! This one goes out to all our baby mamas. We’ve got so much love for y’all! Our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kate Kegan, and her bestie, Brennan Lynch, are giving us a super informative (and adorable) peek into their diaper bags, changing mats, and other SCOUT standbys perfect for first-time and veteran moms alike.


These two have been joined at the hip since age 15, so it made perfect sense that when Brennan told Kate she was pregnant with baby Maeve in 2018… just four months later, Kate became pregnant with Cal. When they aren’t planning the future union of their wee ones, these two new moms are navigating motherhood, work, and life in general. We think they’re doing a pretty darn good job. So, this week we had to share!


Here, we have sweet, little Maeve and her Game Changer. As Kate says, “The Game Changer is a serious game changer.” This accessory is the “wristlet” of diaper bags. You can fit it inside your diaper bag or use it on its own for a quick trip with just the essentials. Our In the Clear pouch is another groundbreaking baby accessory. It’s perfect for medicines, brushes, pacifiers, or anything else you need quick access to. It’s clear, so you can literally see it all!


Kate and Brennan will be the first to tell you that all the mom supplies can get insanely heavy: the car seat, the stroller, all the STUFF. Their baby bags, like The Mother Load, are great because they don't weigh you down like many other “fancy” baby bags. For overnight trips or longer day trips with friends, Kate also packs a Daytripper as a second bag for Cal with clothes, stuffed animals, and other gear. She also loves using the Tourista, our new wet/dry bag, to pack a fresh change of clothes for Cal; it’s so easy to swap out anything that gets dirty, and seal it up separate from everything else to transport back home.


The duo also recommends any of our lunch coolers for working moms or moms on the go (so, basically ALL of you moms). Lunch coolers are great for pumping at work or away from home. Lastly, of course, Cal and Maeve would like to mention their matching Mother Loads. They’re versatile, seasonless, wipe clean, and have an insulated pocket perfect for bottles and breast milk on the go.


For any of the aforementioned treasures, check out our Spring/Summer 2019 Collection and get set for mommy success!


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