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Posted on Jun 20, 2019 9:24:42 AM


Be honest: Do Ziplocs ever bum you out a little? They feel so fancy, and then you end up having to throw them away at some point (GUILT TRIP!). For sure, there are the noble group of you who thoroughly wash your ‘locs post-usage and hang them neatly out to dry on a responsible and adorable mini-clothesline above your kitchen window, but... Let’s get real! Let’s all acknowledge that those plastic wonders are prone to holes, rips, and malfunctioning closures. We certainly DO NOT want to rip on the snack time miracle that is Ziploc, but we would be remiss if we didn’t address our favorite SCOUT alternative...


Deb designed our In the Clear pouch as a chic, reusable “Ziploc update”—perfect for all your multitasking needs. From snacks to sunscreen, wet swimsuits to sweet treats, pepper spray to produce—the list goes on and on—this multi-use accessory is killing the summertime game. Our In the Clear can be your junk drawer, lunchbox, or best friend. This adorable receptacle is “simply the best,” in the words of original quangel, Whitney Houston. Notice the fun colored trim options, ability to rinse and wipe clean, AND, most importantly, the Instagram-ability (kidding, kidding!). This pouch has got it going ON, so we decided to really make it sexy by providing some quirky and edgy alternatives for one of our hottest accessories.


Hold up and speed-dial the patent police, because we’ve invented the ultimate cherry carrier. Who knew, right? Exposed fruit in carryalls can be touch-and-go at times, but we feel extremely comfortable grabbing the biggest batch of juicy red-stain-just-waiting-to-happen cherries from the Safeway produce aisle and dumping them into our little darling. Is your heart racing? Ha! Everyone knows carrying a banana in your purse can be the WORST. You feel like you’ve practically tortured the poor thing. By the time you get to the office it’s been stabbed by your favorite BIC Uni-Ball Retractable pen. There’s ink and banana innards everywhere. It’s a nightmare. That's why you’ve got to protect and flaunt your fruit! Look at those cherries—so safe, so clean, so shiny. We love it!


Finally, we’ve found a way to protect our precious chip baggies on the way down to the beach. When you’re carrying a massive, folding beach chair, a heavy cooler, and your snack tote, those crackers and chips are going to turn into savory dust by the time you’ve hunkered down. With our In the Clear, you’ve got a separate, sturdy pouch that keeps treats from getting soggy and/or smashed to smithereens. We LOVE this concept, don’t you? You can totally take liberties with your treats. We would also recommend using an In the Clear as a beach Happy Hour pouch. Pack some chèvre, Trader Joe’s Fig and Olive crisps, La Marca mini-bottle, and you’re set for a delightful sunset snack.



Ummm, excuse us, but how gorgeous do those Fruit Loops look?! Obviously, this is a quirkier, more dairy-focused use for your In the Clear. This pouch is easy to rinse out and wipe clean, so if cereal really tickles your fancy, then knock yourself out. We’d probably recommend dry cereal, for the sake of keeping your breakfast fresh and mush-free. You’ve also got to love the way that colorful trim is popping alongside those loops. The colors are gorgina, so you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be using milk as a backdrop from now on.

Pack, snack, and clap back all summer long with our trustworthy and transparent confidant. Check out these goodies and more accessories for Summer 2019 online.


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